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The story starts at a house surrounded by trees.

In the house, a woman with long raven hair, wearing a black outfit in the dark named Eri is talking to another woman who has a dark purple outfit named Ichika.

"So, you met Kainen the other day", Ichika smiled, while looking out the window and blowing some smoke out of her mouth.

"I did, we had a little talk about our children", said Eri, then took a sip of coffee.

"Oh, did she already head to school?" asked Ichika, looking at a family photo of Eri and Hiro.

"Yeah, she went with Yuki", said Eri.

Ichika spit out the coffee, Eri was drinking.
"Yuki, as Yuki Kuran, the girl that was taken care of by Kainen?" asked Ichika.

"Yeah, seems she's come out of hiding and will be going to my school, with a little twist", said Eri.

"And Kainen is okay with this?" asked Ichika, surprised.

"Yes, because our schools are combining", Eri revealed.

"Impossible, you're a vampire only school, and they have only humans", said Ichika. "And your dorms aren't that heavily guarded".

"Ichika, do you think I would put innocent humans in trouble? I made it co-ed, so other humans are part of the school already", replied Eri.

"You already made it, co-ed", said Ichika.

"Yup, I also have a new vampire joining the school", said Eri.

"Who?" asked Ichika, curiously.

"You'll find out", said Eri, while looking at the window.

Outside, Hiro Hisako and Yuki are walking on the sidewalk.

"Is it nice to be back at school?" asked Hiro.

"It's complicated", said Yuki, with her head down.

"If you need something to talk about, I'm here", Hiro offered.

"You are really kind", said Yuki.

Hiro sees a dark aura around Yuki.

'She's been through alot, but I can sense she wants to go back to the way things used to be, before she thought she was a normal human. Now she knows the truth', thought Hiro, while looking at Yuki.

Yuki notices Hiro's eye glowing purple, and says "Hiro, are you okay?"

"My eyes turn red, whenever I'm looking at auras and I'm looking through yours, is that okay?" Hiro explained.

"Aura, what do mine look like?" asked Yuki.

"A purple flaming aura, which means you are stressed and don't like your new life", said Hiro.

"I don't, Kaname is my sibling, Zero wants to hunt me, and I'm a vampire", said Yuki.

Hiro hugged Yuki and says "I understand, seeing auras isn't easy for me, I had a rough time with vampires, since I'm shy and I'm not normal".

"You do seem more human", said Yuki.

"Well, if it isn't Yuki", said Yori.

Yuki turns around to see Yori with Junko.

"Yori?!" Yuki says surprised.

"Yuki! I was so worried", said Yori, and hugged Yuki.

"Yori, why are you here?" asked Yuki.

"Didn't you know, ny mom made the school for vampires and humans?" asked Hiro.

"How did you know that I knew Yuki is a vampire?" asked Yori, looking at Hiro.

"I sensed it in your aura, also if you didn't, Junko wouldn't be hanging around you, he doesn't get that attached to humans especially women", said Hiro.

"So, true", Junko smiled.

"Do you hate humans?" asked Yori.

"Nothing of the sort, I nearly can't control myself around humans, but you are a rare case", said Junko, looking at Yori.

"Does that mean we are friends?" asked Yori.

"Of course, as long as we don't meet at night", said Junko.

"Okay", said Yori.

"How cute", said Hiro, seeing Yori and Junko.

Yuki looks at Hiro's smile, and says "Hiro, do you think my life will become normal again?"

"If you follow your heart, you will feel as happy as you felt back then", said Hiro, touching Yuki's chest.

The story switches to the inside of the school, where Hiro and Yuki are going into their classroom, when they see Chika Emiko wearing a white shirt, blue collar, purple skirt, and white shoes sitting down, this surprises Yuki.

"You", said Yuki, shocked.

Chika turns around to Yuki and says "It's the girl from the forest".

"You go to school here?" asked Yuki.

"I do, I'm a new student, who's the cutie behind you?" Chika answers Yuki's question.

"Does she mean me?" asked Hiro, looking at Chika.

Chika gets up from her seat, walks to Hiro, Hiro backs up to the wall.

Chika smiles, while looking at Hiro, and says "Yes, I mean you".

'Her aura, it's in the shape of a raven', thought Hiro, looking at Chika.


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