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I will never forget the day I first saw you almost leap through that metal door with a spark in your eyes and a pounce in your step. You my dear caught my eye as I watched from my cell you do your thing. I can see your energy, so beautiful, so strong, so full of light. I knew you was special and I also felt as if we met before. I kept going over and over in my mind how I knew you, then I was reminded of a dream from like 10 years ago and you my dear was in it. It was when I saw you from behind that made me realize who you was in this dream. That dream is our jails little secret, not the worlds. Only those who listened in on me while I talked about it in my cell will know this dream. Over the months I got to get even closer to you and fell deeply in love with you. I will always remember our little fights, and that letter you wrote me I flushed because you asked me too. Even though we may not be together, even though I'm out. I got plenty of memories of you to keep a smile on my face, for you my dear taught me that I am capable of loving a man still. So I will always cherish these memories, for you made jail easier for me, and for that I thank you Frazee


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