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It is the Muslim belief that everybody on the earth is duty bound to know and practise the shariah and to implement the will of Allah in the sense it was implemented by the holy prophet ( may peace be upon him) and his companions. To carry out this duty and mission , Allah has placed certain worldly resources at the disposal of man. He is required to treat these resources as a means to carry out his mission. These worldly resources are only trust and man has to account for this trust on the Day of Resurrection.
   Islamic economics is that material resources and wealth are not despicable as viewed by the monastics. There is nothing evil in them so far as these do not become an end in themselves. 
• Struggle to earn more wealth is a noble act if it doesn't trespass the revealed path of the shariah . So , the  hedonistic assumption about human behaviour stand amended to the extent man is believed to have a deep consciousness of his being a vicegerent of Allah, of a moral role he has to play in establishing a just society.
• Islamic economics conceives man in the framework of the shariah. He is free to act anyway he likes , subject to the over riding consideration of the will of Allah. His individual as well as collective behaviour are guided and regulated by a super decree given by the shariah. 
• The western economics conceives man in the framework of individualism and hence unsuitable for a society where the revealed shariah holds the highest position.
The Holly prophet ( sall Allah-o-alaihe wa sallam ) said  " verily, there is a fitnah ( trial ) for every nation, the fitnah of my nation is wealth.
• Quran ( 64:15) "your riches and your children are but a trial"
   The verse states , that wealth is a trial, and this is supportive argument of those who believed that poverty is better than richness.
•Allama Iqbal letter  to his son javeed Iqbal when he was in London
   " Mera tareeqa ameeri nahi
      faqeeri hai
    khudi na baich ghareebi 
    mein naam paida ker"
" Rich are not my inspirations
     rather  Poor's
 Don't sell yourself , make your name by leaving all the desires of the world".
• Prophet ( sall  Allah-o-alaihe wa sallam) said, " by Allah I do  not fear for you a  return to polytheism after me, but I do fear that you  will compete with each other in acquiring worldly riches".
• Quran  ( 104 ) "  woe to every backbiter, derider, who  accumulates wealth and counts it. He thinks that his wealth has made him eternal, Never!  he will certainly be thrown into the crushing fire".
  This  warning applies to a rich man who is involved all the time in accumulating his wealth without discharging his obligations towards the needy persons or towards Allah taala

• Quran ( 102:1,2,3,8) " you are distracted by mutual competition in amassing ( worldly benefits ) , untill you  reach the grave, No !  ( this is not a correct attitude ) you will soon know ( the reality ) , then you  will be asked about all pleasures you enjoyed in the world.
• sunan al- tirmidhi_ Bk 34,Ch  44 .." Abdullah reported : The messenger of Allah ( sall Allah-o-alaihe wa sallam) slept on a mat and he got up while marks of the mat were apparent on his side. we said: "  Messenger of Allah, would that we could prepare a mattress for you." He  ( the Holly prophet ( sall Allah-o-alaihe wa sallam) said : " what have I  to do with ( the pleasures of  )  this worldly life, my stay in this world is like that  of a wayfarer who stopped to relax   under the shade of  a tree ( for a while ) and then moved on  and left it " .

•Sahi bukhari" Reported by ana's ibn Malik r.a"
   The prophet Muhammad ( sall Allah-o-alaihi wa sallam) has said the son of Adam grows old and 2 desires also grows old with him love for wealth and desire for a long life and he cannot attain either.



  • Jun 11, 2020

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