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I want to live...
To live behind my dreams.
  I want to live...
To live without your fears.

I want to live freely,
Living forever,
Living forever,
Living forever... 

I like the life the way children like sweets.
  And if I fall, I get up really fast.
I like life because it teaches me things
About which no one has the courage to talk.

When I didn't have life,
Waiting for the light
That made me breathe on my own,
Without my mother's lungs. 

I want to live breaking your lies,
Setting myself free in the middle of the forest,
Yes, maybe I'm another weirdo,
Yes, another weirdo...close to you.

I want to live,
To live breaking the mask. 
I want to live
To live without fears.

To live freely,
To live forever,
To live forever
To live forever...


  • May 20, 2020

  • May 20, 2020

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