Happy Go Lucky Life 2 Read Count : 14

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Romance
Penelope met another boy and she told him how she needed a home so he let her move in with him, 30 days passed and he finally told her his name which was Jake, Penelope and Jake started dating. One day in school Mr. Kasagi asked "Where is Peter?" The first thing that went through Penelope's mind was "I killed him!" She yelled out "Peter moved to another state!" Mr. Kasagi said "Oh well." After class Penelope saw Jake talking to another girl and worse! Jake hugged and kissed her, Penelope texted her using Jake's phone saying "Meet me at the foundry there's something I want to tell you!" So the girl who's name was Elena went to the foundry and found Penelope there, Penelope pushed Elena into the lava of the foundry and burnt her alive she then left the foundry. The next day Mr. Kasagi was wondering where Elena was he started suspecting things about the students disappearances he closed down the school and made a list of students that disappeared the list had the names of Chloe, Veronica, Peter, and Elena. Penelope and Jake ran away to a hill and there they kissed 
Jake then asked Penelope "What made you want to date me?" She replied "I don't know" and then she gave Jake a poison and said "Drink this it will make you feel better!" Jake drunk the poison and died. Penelope later on Went on a cruise with her new boyfriend, Tyler. Tyler cared so much about Penelope, he was rich and he took care of all of her needs so she cared about him and when he proposed to her she accepted and they got married. Penelope developed feelings of Love for Tyler and they were married "forever here together" is what Penelope told Tyler
The End


  • May 20, 2020

  • My work is amazing

    May 21, 2020

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