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The reason why I was listened to you 

this whole time is because I love you 

very much, 

I’m willing to do anything to make 

a smile appear on your face 

I’m trying my best as I could. 

Couldn’t I know this is unbalance scale? 

Before I say this to you, 

I don’t want to make you upset with me 

ever since we become loving couple, 

I feel unbalanced by listen to you 

all the time it’s just make me feel 

heavy stone pushing me down. 

Wouldn’t we make it evenly? 

We could listen to each other 

not always listen just one person 

all the time, 

wish we could balance with each other 

if listen just only one person 

it’s lead to bigger problem in the present and in the future 

How could we make it better for us? 

I’m not trying to make you unhappy

I just want to help each other out

we’re currently in a stage of a boyfriend and girlfriend, 

there’s a lot of things we have to learn 

from each other to grow into a better 

version of ourselves. 

Could we do it together? 

This unbalance scale of our relationship 

it’s have to make it evenly 

I’m sorry for my strong message to you, 

I just feel upset and stress about this 

unbalance scale we’re having right now 

wish you would understand what I’m telling you. 

If I was in your position I would understand 

you better this is only my opinion I really wish 

you could be considerate it, I didn’t mean to be very strict direct at you, I just feel deeply upset 

about this unbalance scale of our relationship


  • May 20, 2020

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