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I lost another love in my past,
 So easy for her to leave me behind.
  Another love, 
But with the same heartache. 
 How easy it is for her to forget... 

 I melt like a cigarette 
Sitting in the corner of a mouth,
And about us, 
Just a dust that settles over the hearts.

  Another love I fought for, 
Believing it would last forever,
 But my heart had no shield,
Handcuffed with wires.

 For another love I dedicated my life, 
Believing all her wonderful words,
 And today the place on the right is empty, 
Like all my unhappy dreams.  

Another love is broken, 
Reaching the shore,
 Letting tears fall
Like a waterfall in the ocean.  

Another love with the same story 
That came to an end, 
The words are over, 
Like all my dreams.


  • This is beautifully done! 🙏💞👏

    May 20, 2020

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