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Love is not just a feeling,
Wandering through the arteries. 
Love means learning to live
By breaking life's restrictions.

Love teaches you to fly
Even without wings,
Love is the purest feeling
That sews broken tears.

About love,
Many say a lot,
It is enough for me,
Just to meet her eyes. 

Rest your eyes,
On my palms,
Sweet sleep. 
I will close my eyes too,
To feel you, even in my dreams.

  Love means protection,
Not a place of selfishness.
Love is not just a feeling
Thrown out the window,
When you don't want anymore,
Anyone around you.

I think we all know,
That love doesn't pass so easily
Out of our hearts,
Just because we are upset or mad.

You feel like you're dying on the inside,
But your heart still keeps you alive. 
Because yes,
Love means life for our hearts.


  • May 20, 2020

  • May 20, 2020

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