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If I had a heart dip-stick
To measure the level of sincerity,
Like the engine dip-stick
That measures the level of engine-oil,
I would have sent it to you,
Together with this Thank-you Note,
So that you measure its sincerity;
For I know like me you receive
Many a Thank-you notes from people,
But sometimes
They are shallow and empty -
Meaningless imitations -
Mere by-the-ways but not
Genuine feelings of appreaciation.

This my Thank-you Note,
Is out of the depths of a heart,
Touched by noble words and or deeds;
Acts that testify God's love for me, 
In my thankful and now singing heart
For all your unforeseen and  unexpected 
Acts of kindness and mercy 
In my very desperate and stressful situation.

Many relatives and friends do I have,
But few ready-and-willing 
Among them do I have.
For none had I seen when you came, 
That's why I thought this 
A Thank-you Note,
But then realised it was not,
And later decreed, and now declare
That this, is rightly, 
An Ode to God for you, Myfriend.

For when I came to the end of me,
And could not myself help out,
You, unannounced and uninvited arrived,
And beyond my imagination attended,
To my multiple problems at once.
And just like you had arrived,
Without ceremony -
You departed without one - 
Leaving me reflecting on HIM
And HIS mercies and grace.

I cannot worship you, Myfriend,
But for your deeds, I must worship,
HIM who must have stirred you -
And sent you to me that time
When in darkness I groped for a way.

Mother could not walk - 
And I needed her to move around and about
She was sick - 
And I needed her treated and whole
But ideas, money, things and friends 
None had I that day to do the needful,
And I had come to my wits end.

Then, there you appeared,
And confronted my problem head on,
Before you left, leaving me beguiled
Like one coming out of a dream,
Overwhelmed by the power
And the love of God, through you.

And so here now I pray to HIM,
To shower you, Myfriend,
With HIS blessings forever,
According to HIS riches in glory.

Thank you Myfriend,
... NO! 
An Ode to God, for you, Myfriend.


  • 👍Nice poem.

    May 20, 2020

  • David Kamau Njuguna

    David Kamau Njuguna

    Thanks Martha

    May 20, 2020

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