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                                                    Part One

XenoGears  takes place on an unknown planet it featuring a world ranging from peaceful country villages to technologically advanced empires. Mankind has taken to digging and excavating to find giant robots known as Gears, which they use to wage wars but also for construction, further excavation and other mundane tasks, as well as in some countries, entertainment via gladiatorial combat.

I am Alpha and Omega, the beginnings to the end, for the first time and last time I remain to  begin. Shall start my journey, assessing the issue at large. That could kill us  and tear us  all apart. Though  our Captain of a father save us all from certain death at heart without a bother. I'd wanted the thank him an hug him tight  like a mother, with his arms  hugging me below my waist of me  talking  common sense to him for me the rescue him out of his nonsense. So he could see his family one last time. Fix his mistakes he'd regretted  as an ambitious man with his wife and granddaughter. Accumulate  his wife and granddaughter forgiveness. Give them that gratitude true love feeling he'd changed for the better.      Can be  trusted the be given one last  chance until the end of there life's. But he wouldn't budge the bear the stay or wait alive any longer, stuck in our  proofed-protected-armory-plane-space-ship traveling for  home sweet home so we thought.....................  Farther more, I formerly   did not back down being  declined  many times by this man I wanted to save out of my own free will.  I stood my ground. Spoke up  willingly the sacrifice my young  twenty-two year old Caucasian blue eye wavy long blond hair violet purple uniform wearing college girl life self for this old-timer father. I'd sort of knew a lot of.  Inspect an opportunity   mostly every caring father wished the have the balls the get. Fixing there broken family hearts they broke in half years ago,  never turning back.  Influence away the outcome negative mistakes that lead him to where it got him in today. Wasn't what he wanted. Felt like he didn't deserve it. I could see it  staring at in  his eyes. He  vigorously set me in a hasty position to where I didn't have a choice but follow his protocol commands he commanded everyone else.  Tried to declined my offer nicely and many times sternly.  But I wouldn't listen, and take no for an answer.  Wasn't  I force the reckon with  the words coming out of his mouth. Me and and  him was going at it at each other  for quite some time. Although a hell  some one's whole army growling to rip this ship apart piece by piece where we kept our selves at,  urging to rip our flesh an bone to shreds between  there  there huge  decay sharp bloody teeth.  I've tried the be his livid angel.  Set  him on the right path of life. Shaping this man the become the kind of a husband an dad his wife and daughter will want to expect from him personally.  Seeing him come  stepping in through that locked front door. Hoping he got a got a dang good exclamation the Ben having  the audacity to come back after all these years. Abandoning your family selfishly for yourself. The way he handled my suggestion excited me the continue on my proposal. "That's why, I want to help you Captain."  "Your the most important human being in my life, I ever met. "The way you treat me,  no  ordinary boss does."  Extended my polished left blueberry nailed  hand for him to latch on too. Ending this argument now. The deal being negotiated to be taken  to consideration. You deserve better, and I have the religious heart to doing-"  "Okay, let's do it then, Susan." He said. "All I needed to hear," I responded. The sound of his calm smooth voice  cried me into joyful tears. I'm gonna miss my life an family.  Got me thinking he doing  the exact deal of our argument negotiation taken to consideration.  Though, it was a  diversion to trick me out seeing a  pocketed snatched  out silvery revolver gun aimed directly for  the middle of my forehead loaded. Saftey lock clicked off unlocked. I gasped.   "Please… don't …… do this, Captain, I pleaded.  "Let me just help you Captain. I slowly try to lower the revolver down off of me. However, he raised the gun back at it's place. Has his pinky finger ready on the trigger. "Don't do that," he said. Don't make having the shot you, now. "  He wasn't going to stand a half grown college  teenager girl not yet lived out her whole life yet, sacrificing it all away for an elderly almost passed away father's stupid  life-dirty work he done in his past. Crying in tears with his voice cracking in an out. Saying  his last words before at the moment I've backed off. Let his decision be. Scram alongside with the others.  "I'm sorry, okay?"  "I can't let you get in the way of that. " I may don't deserve this  consequences I'm putting myself in an  take your offer. " "But-but I can not........ " "If you see my family looking for me, please tell them your father loves you."  "Here's the second picture frame copy of my family. He grabbed it off his table near his computer. Turners a half way around an thrown it at me up in the air. I bend my knees a little with my hands up ready to catch it. Slat! Held it by my side. I'll check it later when it all comes down to it. Listen more for his last words.  "Hope you had the courage in there hearts to forgive me. "Tell them there daddy, had-had business to take care of.  Tears flowed down his eye lid pours. Wetting the floor.  Eyes bright-bright red, increasing  even as he suffers in despair. His  sweaty palm hands   quivered holding that gun. Luckily, I was few safe feet away from his gun radius the be accidentally pulling the trigger  killing me in despair.  How could I even disagree? Therefore, his given me a command to follow. Not giving much of a  choice anyhow. After everything his going through positioning my whole life on track, was the least I could do for him. That's if I come cross roads opposing his family Bursting up towards me,  asking me ardently; "You there, haven't you  seen my husband? "Mam, you work for my daddy?" "Oh you do, I knew I recognized you from somewhere. "   "Don't remember the recall the place at where."  "Been so far back as far as I can remember you know-wait  is he right behind y'all, like he always do? "  "He such a kidder. " Before you go, will you  wait for him here with me until the last person exits  on out the safe portables systems? " "My daddy wants me to met you with himself here." "Explaining the good deeds you've done for him. "  His childhood was heartbreaking the be ever told by anyone expect him keeping it to himself. Basically his a ex fifty year old  Pirate.   Been trained to his full potential of how to live  as a  Pirate for many years in his childish days. Taught all about by his Grandpa. How to dress, hunt for food, drinks, and to the basics to scraping the skins of animals skinless for fur as your very own warm clothing. All sorts of color an textures of different kinda of animals. There home was on a Pirate Seas Island. Stay out most of there time underground to keep safe. It's a dangerous world out there being on every pirate's territory. Hunting animals flesh an fur responsibilitys has the be held off once midnight sets in. Where All the predators an Pirate's sleep.   The resources has the be  enough  the last out until the next midnight day, quiet as possible.   There rescue on our this harsh lifestyle will be a Big pirate ship included with  crew mates on the double. Samuel, Josh, Richie, has the wait for   till  Grandpa's son Captain  reached maturity. Limits of childhood has the be twenty years old on up out the whob of any women born within the Pirate's Islands.  If not, the law of Pirate's Island are  eligible  the drag the birthed pregnant women an man whose impregnated her that baby dragged in to Court to battle them out of the  decapitate heads  of them all to feed it to the  sharks in the ocean bay. A lawyer  Grandpa's dad told a head of time that she's not going to grow out a baby requirement ageing defends his family the best he could, but lost fatally. After the end of the recess in Court, they were sentenced to death, by Decapitation. Those words excited the crowd audience going wild. So glad they were al going to die, be removed form this earth. That's when Grandpa made a run for it. Broke out his handcuffs punching every armed bodyguard square in the nose hard enough for it to bleed out. Dad kicking them by his side to in the nut sacks. Pushing them tumbling on slipping to the sides of courtroom seats sharp edges killing them instantly through the head. "Get those escaping convicts, now! "  Commanded the judge. Being caught, was not what Grandpa wanted.  He always begged his wife to have  a son to cherish by them together some day. When she's ready.  He gets one like he wanted. Will protect him. No matter what happens. As long his alive, nothing can break them both apart. The timeline passed by day after day. Secret hideout sacred between them two.  Wolrd transforming four major claimants, which is affecting the weather, months p, after month. Secret hideout sacred between them two. Tells each other  horror stories an about spoiling the favorite movies Captain's mother loves to watch. Make up fighting play games. Having a fun out of themselves. Prays the God together bending down on there kness near the side of the master bed after there routine of responsibility's.  Makes sure to stay real silent when heavy foot steps approaches the top of there silvery latch cap. It's covered with deeply with leaves, stalks an broken off tree branches. Anyone can hear them being that casually near the underground home underneath. Conversations happens quite often there. This in particular one was engaged  by two tall bulky Pirate Hispanic Hunters.  Looking for two convicts all over in the places they believe in there gut will   periodically find them at. Captain noticed by the looks of Grandpa looking quite shook out of his comfort soon. Knowing this t one isn't no ordinary Pirates having a meeting. The voicas  .. ... was identical………. The voices………….. was loud.……… The voices…………..….. was scary.………. " The voices was familiar………. "There around here somewhere, aren't they? " "Would I ever lie too?
"You tell me? "   "Am I being lied too by my own partner, partner? "  The one from the right hand side from the other on the left chuckles a little. "Touché."   "That punk snitch Steven, wouldn't lie   bringing us at the middle of  nowhere in Pirate's Island. "    "Oh yea, wanna bet? " "Well, then I just call this number. ". Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Ring! Ring! Ring!   If I win, you'll be taking me out to dinner on a date next."  Alright, it's a bet gay Carl! " "And wait for an response of the other line being just right about -Bloop!   What?" Grandpa whispered . Turned his head to see where the sound came from in the inside. The phone……. It booted up on it's own. After being destroyed by so many  blunt blows an ripped apart  it's still was alive, build it automatically back together.  Didn't thought it through of how to dispose the tracker of all the  technology really well. "Captain-Captain I need you to listen carefully  go get before it's to late- *Romantic Music Playing* The hunters above gasped down on the item they kept hearing a clank from below.  Kicked off all the materials surrounding it. Noticed a steel sewer cap. Precisely the  exact replica description Steven given them earlier back hearing the incident Two Dangerous Convicts On The Run. Anybody Catching Them Captived Alive Brought Back Will Be Rewarded Over One Million Dollars. "RUN!!!"  Grandpa yelled  "Let's get them! " said both of the hunters. Stomped the sewer cap off down inside  landing on it all the way down chasing the convicts down. Captain ran the fast his little legs can go. Look back a few times in fear seeing if his Grandpa right behind him. Thankfully he was a few feet away but still near his son. Across the zig zag trail leading to another passage way of lava fulfilling  the whole path towards the ladder on out of here, losing the hunters for good. Captain took a deep breath and ran fast to the ladder avoiding the splashes of lava flinging out. Clang! "Huff." "Huff. "  "Huff. " Captain tried to catch his breath breathing as much clean oxygen he can holding out his hand for Grandpa to grab on. "Grandpa-Grandpa hurry up!!" "I can't hold on forever! ". "No, leave without me son, I'm not gonna make it!" " He shouted .  "Don't say that, you'll make it, as of how you made us out of alive from  instant death! "   Capitan didn't hear any more out of his father whom stopped running. Just heard his  last three words. "I love you son. "  Turned around an  tackle the hunters out of sight.  Fought them both at the same time, to where Captain can't see his son being killed. "Noooooooooooooo!"  Captain the son named after a loyal cherishing family-pirate wasn't right ever since.  He escapes with his life, abandoning his Grandpa who ever cared about him left for dead.  Clang! Grandpa huffed an puffed. Spitting out his own blood. One of the hunters pulled a machete towards Grandpa's neck. Squeezed it a little. Splashing bit by bit of blood on his precious blade. "If your gonna kill me, then just do it you cowards! " He shouted.  There's nothing wrong of me saving my son from morons like you! "  "Yea, your right, agrees the one on the left. But, there's a mishap in your justification- he paced a little back and forth licking the small once of blood on his tongue. Sucking All the juice out of it in enjoyment. Turned around spoke really fast. Is that breaking the law running off is a whole another story tale tell for another day to come!" SLOOSH! Grandpa's head flew off it's body. Splattering everywhere. Body thumped towards the ground.  What about the boy? " asked the one on the right. We can't just let him escape- "Relax! " Lightly pushed him back a little. "We'll get him maybe another time in the after life, because it's not us who's gonna killing him. "It's going to be himself, killing himself."   Started the walked out the way they came.  The right side one followed.  "Whatever the heck that means", he mutters. How he grew up living as a Pirate to finally reaching maturity, was a living hell.  Meeting his crew mates and the Pirate ship an necessities the deport among with them on there long journey, was the only thing keeping himself together in one piece. At you ready, Captain?" Josh. He  absorbed all that information down to his throat. Widen his eyes on his mates. Crouched down to throw on his Pirate clothing an hat. Ready for sailing. "Welcome home, chump. Welcome home. " 

Retired several years ago as such towards working out being a normal boss himself. We do what we are told no matter how cruel it is. Besides, it's how  I get my cash, keeping my family roof over there heads. Alive  an well avoiding them out broke with no cash. Kicked out the house because they got noticed to many times by the landlord about not paying there rent fully.  Precisely thrown out in the streets with all there belongings vigorously thrown overboard. All over the place in front of there house. Life status now circumstancing  to be part of the  homeless people life style. No place to go home too. Begging for food an water ever single day at these people who got there whole life together, doesn't even bother or give a crap. Gives them a quick glance an moves on to where to there trying to go. Thanks to these con artists elegant themselves so believable the be homeless with actual people whose sick, stink, thirsty, an hungry. Conning to a great extent individuals leading there attention an money progress  fling towardly them.  Late at  night once nobody is around, they sneak an wash off there facial makeup. Strips them legit homeless bait clothes butt naked. Stuffed in there  colored size suitcase. Rose on there actual clothing  an head that wearing on. Finding there nice expensive whip  so hidden, no one will anticipate the licencing towards whom it belongs too. Which didn't last long. A  previous slim built Hispanic nerd uncovered this problem predicament.   Under surveillance of his own.     Being so sick an tired of the dilemma  of people leading there Godly respects for the same homeless people they feel sorry for all the time. No other homeless person been received that kind of help.   Also, his girlfriend, in on this investigation too.  Reporting it to the police was no problem. They'd let the police ahead a time. When excused from the interrogation room, they let the Police do there detective work. All they had the do was report all there  evidence they dig up legally the help with there case to build up. And it goes from there.  You either stay in witness protection or go out on about as you wish. Those were the alternative options  they've had  brought in for questioning within the interrogation room.  Three days gone by, it being  true and all the people responsible for this mastermind crime was charged. Heavily.  With no chance of parole. The whole Police Department was    delighted of this outrageous claim to becoming an extreme succession.  Believing it like they it's true out there minds on April Fools Day. Anything false will be suffered two days in real Prison. How it feels in there, announcing parent's or the adult it self "you broke the law son, on April Fools. " Uncovers another cold case finished. Thanks to those nice couple. Throughout the night close to mid morning, they went as a Squad to pay them a visit. Try the overreach them while there parents were asleep for some odd reason.  Grant there wish items they'd wish the had paid in cash, for the respect of there bravery intelligence. Going on all out like that. Once they went to go knock on the  door,  left stepping out the vehicle, intensive crying occurred inside loudly. Gave them the probable cause to kick the door down with that smile frown upside down. Guns armed out ready to blaze some fools. Yelling; "IT'S THE POLICE! OUT YOUR HANDS UP! " Perhaps find there parents there at there presence, crying endlessly. Hovering over there beaten up bruised face. Bodies stabbed multiple times. Bleeding endlessly.  Writing on the wall in front both of them; "Bad Move"  Leaving one  alternative option nobody doesn't want live or abide by. This man of a boss gone done rid of all this  mayhem happening still on in our lives.  Abandon my post and leave a guilty depressed father boss to die alone, will be the  feeling and sorrow of  his last words the things I'll never forget, even if I'm alone. I'll do anything for his man, even give my live away to die alone. Grant  him the  see his  family again. Give him another chance God can't seem to give him himself. Though he did me down.  Pushed me away. Rather throw his life away in despair. Something I can't bear the comprehend. Hope my family okay, cause I'm arriving home. Crying in your arms feeling warm in between your chest. Hold me tight, until I fall asleep. God Bless our boss that choose to die within the beasts tried to tear us to  shreds. We thought we'll make it home all alive-no one left behind, we soon for a fact found out ..........we were wrong......... And it wasn't just one.........

There was a transporting proofed-protected-armory-plane-space-ship just escalating on out the unknown planet hours ago from the bay of there coordinates designation mission which  felt like fine chilling. The mission back where they were suppose the get done  archiving the merchandise Crystal Light in possession. However, became  an success. They can just now all go enter the complex of there Headquarters back home. Finish virtually dissect its minerals necessities inside. With a powerful laser beam blaster to do it.   Terminate the  enemy lifespan an strength all together, before sunset. Saving humanity and there world will the be things they'll endorse.  Agreeing  doing this suicidal mission raises there salary becoming infinity reality. Working a hard paying  job or doing explicit rare things that'll gives you want you easily  back drop of it really difficult is the least of there worries. Completion is a must.  It been hours, getting towards the coordinates on there assigned upcoming mission forasmuch as before they leave planet earth. Getting the job done off the ship  while Captain  overarching the watch  for any trouble and suspiciousness that needed to be advised in taken seriously.  Looking for any signs the alert the implement beeper attached to his people. Warning them; "they need to leave now. "Over blown the mission, we'll give it a  another shot at an another time and day." Even though they only searching for one in particular  merchandise from there      superintendent behind back at home. Stipulations all sent towards there  GPS instructor Computer calculating in it's data base. Bleeping it all  for them on traveling in  outer space to somewhere  apart from planet Earth deep within the premises  of the outside asteroid-star-constellation universe destination,  still stands the fact that you at any rate can't trust anybody  you glimpse at. Yes, fellow citizens smiling at you. Treating you well.  People  inviting you  regarding  there houses;  "Here's food drinks, as a token for our appreciation- " is a no-no people aren't what they say they  are. Aren't going to show you any indication, there's something off about them. Smiles and gratitude what people use to there advantage the hide who they really are.  It's up to you the find the red flags before it's too late.   If you don't get the chance or sight  the makings of  drinks, appetizers etc,  y'all to chow down or gulp down,  I recommend  not eat or drink it. Lies could be deceiving to the eye of your welcomers exposing there demon side of what  is all  you are going to see in your life.  It does haul you out of grave danger blindly surprisingly in front of you.  Just about anywhere you feel unfamiliar in, other than a   unknown  planet.    Not everybody motives nevertheless innocent nowadays. Important  investigations  needed in those kind of communities, has the be done in a strict way the be safe on out. Get what you need done and get  out.  The passage way into the universe took as long as it will be flowing fly back  home.  Including the important gadget unscathed. Hidden  within the Captain's grasp. Holding right on with the owners stench.  Them noticing the sacred item is stolen, can not happen yet. Who knows how dangerous they are. When they start gunning all for us. Coming real hard for our current location before us reaching home.    Provoking us so physically hard, leaving  no other option but us immediately leaving the parts of the ship. Retreating.  Dip and slip away. Abandoning   nobody  left behind. That 's  if nobody accept there fate. Rather than just abort with the rest.  He then set the  Crystal inside his chambers behind our work space. With a secret locked door leading to another room. He lets no one enter besides him, huh not even me.  An cold state area  around the corner right beside the attic latch was just about right.  Paced himself the place it in there. And stroll on out of there,  deflecting it's power alerting system the be  safe until now and then. Letting it awaken, will be a lot scary of terrifying things happening you'll don't want to know.  The Captain of a man stood up tall. Always staring straight on like a brick wall statute. Using the restroom or eating was the normal human things we women have the do once in a while,  I've never seen him do all. No tears or sadness. Quite mild. Wears the same Captain outfit  everyday.  Doesn't change it. Grew huge black fluffy beard around his whole chin up his forehead.  Does not trim it for a more sexier tone of a beard. Instead let's it smear out. Smells good from good feet away.   I could tell you that cologne he wears on smells so good.  I want to know the barn he uses. Something just isn't right about him. Standing there or seating down in his  chair-staring at the wind shield mirror. Commands what we he want us to do. Without no smiles. Don't want to spoke too. Takes quick glances at this family picture frame he constantly look at. Sometimes we no reason at all look at him, he turns his attention way in an  instant staring at the wind shield mirror.   When the plane ascended the destination hours ago: Captain, walked out with his crew. Smoking oil of our latch plane aroma filtering   the air. Gushing out it's shut down behavior oil to a cool. Till it cuts off in sleeping mode. Simply the find the boss of the world we land up pound on standing right here waiting for us with his wife expecting our arrival back here behind the smoke. No one here may not had remembered him and this place, but I do. Can't differentiate how. Sure wasn't going to summarize it up with the rest of the   ladies…, especially the man boss man Captain. I'll just keep to my self.   "Hello Captain, how you do- "Who are you? " He asked. Interrupted the fellow on the spot. Had this "Yea, be  very afraid expression Look on his face.  "Nice to meet you too, Captain Crunch Sailor ." (Chuckles weakly) Captain stared dead at Fellow.   "Look I-I am sorry."   "We are not what you think-  "As they all say when they are actually what there evil deeds say they are trying  to lack out what it does not want nobody to feel what they are, hiding behind that smile mask look on your  faces. " "Okay, this isn't going so well," I muttered.  The couple balances there body on bending there backs flinching away few feet from Captain in fear. Gulping an huge amount of their own saliva.  I  had to intervene. We need to get this mission done packed. Missions don't last forever. Has a time limit to each one as you were trusted to  saving a family's member that'll pay you a life time of you to  search it to It's rescue to whom the  gender they are on that in particular suicidal mission. All at stake. Nothing could be taken lightly-long as you want it too.   "He's not having a good day, alright? "  "He does not trust or treat anybody well  he does not know on there own  territory. "  "It's what happen to him."  "He lost his Grandpa to a land of a world you could not escape or even live under the conditions of, has been taken an saved out from his Grandpa and Grandpa 's dad."  He told me, cause he only trusts me." Not the whole story though." With this kind of brainwashing respect  we've experienced often in our lives working these kinds of high paying jobs. Setting your life at risk. "Some survives." "Some don't" "He had enough of casualties in his life. " Survives one bloody onslaught for the search of him. "  "So, cut the bull an I advise you the spit out the saying of our mission the achieve, so we've could get out your hair."  "Agreed," said Fellow. Nod his head up and down. Both of them carefully balanced back in a standing position. No scared of Capitan.  Capitan leveled Fellow's hand up. Shaken it up to extent of a man to man handshake. Lurked back his hand after few seconds back down his hips.  Turned away tipping his hat back at them. "Adios to you too Commander! " said Fellow.    Fellow an his wife dressed appropriately for as they were going to a funeral. They was really good people and seemed nice really. Had good taste.  People treat other people right.  The goods and shelter free for the people in need in there homes. Thief 's an crooks never existed in there humanity. Sunrises an coldness is all they ever received in wheater conditioning. What I feel right now. Sunrise hotness I hoped, that did set what It's weather will behavior like today. Even the family's of a whole together smiling happy with one an other. See them all around us in front.  New upcomers arriving at  there  home sweet home village, gives them a warm pleasant welcome. Giving us a lot of attention an respect.  Have precious real jewelry  inquire inside the  grounds near the hills of the mountains to the  east  side miles far  where the naked eye could see. People rushing towards down the aisles of the dirt sidewalks holding hordes of treasure gold an jewelry in there hand handles. Everything about there world was like it was perfect. What could go  possibly go wrong?  In conclusion of it all, Fellow man beside his wife speaks up the problem.  "A dangerous creatures  broke out of nowhere back from the woods in where we live years ago."  And still live now. "  Killing lots of our people." "Feeding off our fear."   It was kill or be killed. " What we know nothing of such  violence in your world use for the wrong things we prevented in ours, that's lacking of our survival here. " Staring frantically inside the faces of our fates seeing what's going to happen next. " It   drink slurps all  our dead souls body's it  slaughters. " "Accumulating more attributes to there repertoire's.  "Becoming a more intelligent fearless hunter. " "Love couple did something so romantic-disturbing those monsters peace,  "I never knew a lot of. " "They weren't alive that far enough for me the know fully what exactly happen that set them off."  "Rumors, if you haven't noticed. " We didn't not know they still existed, until that horrifying day. "  "I mean, I literally lost my mother, to those savages!" You how hard it is the  see your own mother living  within these parts be  mutilated limb to limb by a monster?! " He paused an cleared his throat. Waited a few before speaking a little more.
" They  Lowered our  population  to a minimum wage. 'Aren't many  humanity you see still lurking around an about there business. " "Some of them happy at least. " Including me and my wife here. " "Oh- advanced promptly off topic.. Got excited what he was going to say next. Felt so happy like none of what he said happen actually did happen.  "Our relationship fair on head from getting to know each other in our old days."  "Becoming boy friends and girlfriends." "Now at the  last resort, husband an wife." "She comforts me through so much."  I'll live with the rest of my life with her. "  "Those beasts destroyed the lands, culture and supermarkets. "Powerful enemy's." "No body  you wanna square off with. "  "The people and even me don't know why they choose to attack our land. Says essentially the last of his information, before the last thing he'll beg them for   them to do next,  that if they survive.  "We did nothing of any sort thing  of living here the deserve what's all coming to us." "The Crystal Light?"  "Oh, right, sorry. "All that was not necessarily needed to be said, but the issue at large?"  Most of the operators lady's an SwordsMan archers an eye brow, in the way of agreeing the same thing in disappointment. "Duh, " without saying a single word with the way we all looked shrugging there shoulders.  "Let me re cap on that."  "Well, it's camped inside the creatures lair where no one dares to invade or enter go get." "The green slim dark caves." "You'll see it with this "I still have the first time I came here with my girlfriend an mother trying out out new Village to live in that'll you'll need to  arrive there next. " Here. " He whiped it up for the crew. Sticked two his hands out for them to take on there  adventure. The SwordsMan approached the Fellow, first. Takes the manual out his hands. Started  periodically  analyzing   it.  Listening at the same time.   "It won't be long shot, if any of you guys come out alive, along with that merchandise Crystal Light your looking for. "It's what kept those things alive." It's what kept them this ferociously blood thirsty angry tough, we all fear. "If you guys get that without disturbing them up and shatter the item before there slumber is over, " will you come back  with us for a little while?" "I know it's lot to be asking for a favor from a  person who is the owner boss of this village you barely even know. "  "But we need help repairing  any damages  that happen to this village. "It's the least you hero's could do for the whole  community losing love ones they really cared about." "Gone by so fast in front of there eyes by heartless stone creatures." One Operator female walked over towards the guy. Hugged him. He hugged her too, feeling a little confused. " "It's s a possibly, " She said. "This item that'll destroy all wicked and the  big  issues were having at home coming for us, then so be it." "I'll tell you what. " "Your answer will be an automatic yes- she leaned a little closer to the man's ear. Smoothed her fingers around his cheeks. Breathing softly like her breath was the oxygen.  Whispered him the rest until she got interrupted. "If you be my next boy-"Okay let's go, onward! " Commanded Stencil.  He hoisted his sword from his back downwards his stomach. Gripping it firmly.  Ready for battle.  Lead the way letting the manual navigates them towards there objective.  Everyone followed , except the operator. Being really close to the boy. Whispering more her saying of something she rather only  it be between  the boy and her. "Are you coming or not?" He asked. Turned half way around to a halt. Waiting for an answer. So, did everyone else. Few minutes later he received  an choke response. "Yes, I'm-I'm sorry. " "Your excused, he said.  "Get your crap together young lady, none and less, you too scared and rather spice   up hot relationship with the top boss  little boy of this village that's- "SHUT UP!! " She shouted out. "Let's go! " She moved away from the boy.  Following Stencil.  "I'm sincerely sorry about your mother, young poor fellow! " What is your actual name young dude!? " "Duukkkkkkkkke," he said in dreamy way.  Eyes was shinny blurry. His self looked as if he was under a love spell. Unvulnerable to notice anything going on but his eyes staring at her straight ahead. "Duke. " Duke," "Will finish this. " I promise I'll back! " She yelled. Disappeared out of sight.  Stencil's laugh echoes out the village. Saunders  his sword sloshing the nice trimmed grass of flowers right beside us. It digging up huge holes as he walks.  Ruining  it's flower garden potential beauty.  Heavily along the way, without a care in the world.  Attracting destructed  flower petals an soil diet  splattering all over  his sword and clothes. "I think I'm falling in love, Duke said. Fainted moaning loudly. Collapsed his face hitting towards the ground first. Blacked out completely flat on the floor.  Moved nothing. Stood still.  His wife woman gasped.  Rushed to his body. Looking for a pulse. Flicked her fingers on the sides of his neck. His feet flapped up and back down to the ground.  "Sigh, seems, he fainted day dreaming. " She mutters. "SUCKER! "  Kicked him straight forward the middle of his pants in frustration. The Captain was sleeping deeply about being with his family. Laughing and talking with joy.  Watching famous horror movies together. Eating popcorn an soda.  It was like a miracle come true. Nothing wrong happen. Everything is perfect as it should be. Though it  suddenly been ambushed out with  sudden huge multiple banging coming from the front doors. Waking him wide awake collapsing thrown off the  hedges of the spinning sweaty red velvet chairs his Operators seat at 24\7 on the dot. Pee and poop an eat? Yes, they can. Emergencies    and hunger will be allowed to do deport on out there post. Go on do there business else where privately. Can leave there post for as long they need to. Just doing those two do things.  There occupation at work will be operating  the ship formulate correctly. It becoming there  life doings until they can finally come home.  Defense Security ready to activate. Mission plot entry  system ready guiding them to where they need to go. Defense mechanism weapons in operation for launch unless it's the end of the line.  Saves them all big time in a jiffy. Button mash navigate themselves all  strolling safely home or neither the mission. There's no stirring wheel. Only complicated colorful  buttons that takes time to master which of what  it function an don't. Contracting  commander Rodolph boss  right  on schedule.  Keeping him updated of regards all happen earlier or just about now.  "I'm coming!" "I'm coming!" " I'm coming! " he shouted. Tumbling his self to the doors. Had overcome few obstacles on his way there.  Tripping off a little step by step. Disturbed out of his only thing he loves whose can't seem to help himself out for, was quite devastating for him. Can't think right or walk straight for that matter. He combo unlock  unleashed the doors to unlock and open. Shutter flew open releasing a gentle breeze slowly. Computer: "Welcome Elevation Hero's!!" "Isn't it you'll glad were finally ending this tonight, going back home at last!!!!? "  "Yea, really is. "  mutters an operator. Rolling her eyes.  "Really is, Elena. " "Really is. "   "Candy? " asked Stencil. Raised it right up close to the Captain's face for verification. Little to close.  Chucking a  little. "Your a  pain in  the butt, you know that, right?" Grumbles the Captian. "Tell me something I don't know, boss." " he said.  He threw  the item up in the air. So high you couldn't see it between the clouds an sky.  He'd smacks his lips.   Walked  off to the where the citizens are being held at. "We back in one piece, fools! ". "I told y'all I'm a soldier man of my word!"  All the  operators was frantic. Didn't know what to do. Paced back and forth to see if they can catch the item before it lands fatally. Few seconds has passed. No one noticed it was crashing down to It's core. FLOOP! The sacred item was saved. By a second itch away from Susan's fingers. Damaged, her  head in the process.  " Susan you okay? ". Captain asked. Dashed over to her. Lifted her up on her feet. Removing the Crystal Light from her hands. "Yep, I'm okay." She said . Groaned a little. She tried the walk to the ship skip step towards the ship  on her way there. "Tough cookie. ". Rest of my crew said. Scoffed afterwards.  Arriving inside the ship before her and the Captain. "Don't mind him, his been like this ever since,  he lost his whole family to an unknown nemesis  seeking revenge, She said. " He had a hard time getting over that and this behavior seems the be amusing to him. "  "You'll get used to it."  "Your not the only one losing some one who you care about. " "That Stencil, is on the same boat your on. " He just nod his head understanding, his troubles. Glad as well  of her  saving the Crystal Light from any harm.  Everyone settled themselves inside. Operating the system to aim for home next. Closing the doors shutter downs closed back up. Slowly conserving the medium fuel the last long enough to die out until home bass.  That been  going on for hours. Sped back to the universe. People below there dust, waving good bye in tears all as a whole cult of thousands. So blessed their hero's saved there salvation. So brave. Never will see the likes of those savages, so they thought. The constriction storage  occupied area off limits blinking with the Danger logo vibrating in and out. Room been sealed shut from the inside.The ship headquarters were peaceful. Quiet. Chilling to the bone. Could even make it your home there. Nice and quiet just with the Captain. She was so happy. "I going to update Mr. Rodolph right about…. now! " She shouted. Sticks her tongue out a little. Combination button him on the line. It didn't work. It gave her a wrong button sound. "Huh? " She asked. Tries the same way she did with the buttons but with more focus- but the computers been override with Emergency! Emergency! Emergency!  All over the screen. Computer;  "This is an emergency."  "Level one alert. " "Level one will be restarting! "She said. Type clicked on the buttons crazily at work.  Fun is out. Time for defense. Fighting this override out of commission. "Genome resurrecting." Conforming exon replacement.   Base code 85 million…… 100 million! It's speed is overwhelming! Alpha one to Razael Central Access Confirmed. Initializing fake net. (Fooom!) "Ahh! " Disconnected. "Activating emergency shelter. The access went through. Swarm around the dots past the weapon symbol  flying off down off the screen. "Denied! She shouted out. The contamination is spreading widely Captain! What do I do, I'm at edge here with our life's at stake holding them off!? "Cut off the cables manually, Susan." " He said. "Roger. " Activating self-to destruct bolts. Flip open the latch. Removed the top on the right side of her. Twisted the bolts to a twist. And activating the button. It confirmed! " Everything went dark for a few seconds. (Bonk!) Lighting blazing in front of there. No, good. Nothing happened! Omega one they are attacking- the ship wobbled side to side. Shaking the people inside unsettled.  She looked scared into her computer. "We can't stop them! 98% of our weapons has been taken over! The Capitan looked up a little, up from his hat on his head to the blinking red lights. "The auto system fauet has been accessed. "And it's space logic is overwritten! "Ergo area is increasing. "An internal plane is forming! Switching  to space displacement mode. Alpha one conforming transfer coordinate codes. Coordinates input coordinate NX128 EZ061 The main planet! She was losing it. Losing the fight was not what she was prepared for. Making Captain at least move a little in the ship. "Darn!" "So, they had plan on attacking us like this! " Captain picked the phone. Released out the there only hope on entering home back in one piece. All reports to Engine Room! Activate the emergency sealing system. Captain waited for an response, or some sounds at least. Nothing happened. No one was there. Receiver clanging on the ground electrified.  Engine room! Engi- The call went dead. Captain  slowly removed it from his ear to his face. Stared at it for a little while before setting the phone back down. Lift his head a little the see on the computers infected with wording all over the screen; You Don't Mess With Your Gods! You Don't Mess With Your Gods! You Don't Mess With Your Gods! Realized he was at his ends meet. The spamming reflected in his eyes to the last pupils of his eye lids. Didn't want it have to come down this. Like there's any other option. He commanded us to deploy on out with the civilization an passengers tag along us to the escape shutters. The operator tried fighting off the attack, was against it. Him sacrificing them wasn't what she want. Knowing his troubles with his family he'd wish the fix, Still could be fixed. With her life.  She'll do for it. "What!? " She asked. Everyone else left. You heard me Susan, do I need to repeat myself? " he asked. "No, but this outrageous, are you coming with us though? " " I want to be quite clear on that, so I'm not over claiming here? He closed his eyes an looked away. The ship was rumbling out of control. Pieces of the ship broking off deteriorating the ship whole lot more. Gas fumes sputtering out. Making the air hard to breathe. Just get out here, before I do something I'm gonna regret, he said. Tuners his whole chair around. "You already did. " She said.  She stood up tall. Ran to Captain giving him a hug like a mother. Attempts the  talk penetrate him diligently. After so many fails of denials, Captain hadca enough. Pulled the plug from  there. (Clicks!) You don't have the do this.. Please let me help you- Don't do that! He shouts. Raising the gun back to it's place. Remorse his last words she'll want her to send on once they reaches home, included the picture frame he threw at her to revive.  "Take care yourself! " She said.  "Let God with you! " Walked out the room.  You do the same, he said. Tmp! Tmp! Tmp! Tmp! Take you long enough! Shouts Stencil. "I know, let's just please go. " "No problem. " The shutter doors closed. Sped off to the home deep within the space constellations stars. Captain back there cried deeply inside. Stares at his picture frame. BAM RAM! KA-BOOM! FLLOM! CRACK! REEEECKKK! "Capitan!!!!!!!!!!! " Screamed the monster boss of the whole clan. Tearing the ship in half. Breaking all the defences he defaulted the be dead. "I believe you have something belonging to us!!!! " He ignored it. Proceeds on finishing him staring at it's family. Yea, but if I'm gonna die, then I'm taking you along with me! He shouted. Quickly activated the big in prohibited red button. "What!???? " The timer was counting down. 3…………..2…. Oh no you won 't- BOOOM! The thirsty kill failed.  He killed everyone along with him, including the merchandise. The ship exploded big part after big part before denoting to nothingness. "You think Captain will be waiting us? Stencil asked. Yea, ….. He will. She said. "I know he will. Leaned over to him. Closed her eyes on his lap. He was little shock an allowed it. Even nicely rubbed around her back. To be continued. Part 2 Coming Soon


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