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The episode opens with Clay and Nozomi in the bathroom.

"Are you going to help me?" asked Nozomi, in a knot.

"First, if you learn to stop insulting me", said Clay, by Nozomi's face.

"Fine, but you have to stop doing this to me", said Nozomi, referring to Clay hurting him.

"Got it", said Clay, then undo the knot.

"Thanks", said Nozomi, fixing his shoulder.

Clay kissed Nozomi on his cheek and says "I haven't done that in a while, it's still nice".

Nozomi looked shocked, Clay looked at Nozomi, and Clay says "That kiss means we are even".

"So, you made up?" asked El.

This makes Clay jump a little and seem cat-like, not looking at El.

"Yup", Clay smiles, as he turns around to see El.

"Great, I gave Kae's friends a flip book of how I fell in love with you", said El.

"Really? Speaking of that, congratulations on your book getting turned into a tv show", said Clay.

"You should congratulate yourself, it's because of you that I publish it and it's our love story", said El.

El and Clay smile at each other, then Nozomi walks out the door, El and Clay kiss again.

The screen switches to Nozomi seeing Nanako, Shima, Hayato,Asuma, Kae, and Yusuke reading flipbooks.

"Why are all you reading that book?" asked Nozomi, shocked.

"Oh, Nozomi, El had spare flipbooks, I have yours", said Kae.

"I think El is way too forgiving", said Yusuke.

"El and Clay's story is adorable", said Asuma, with sparkly eyes.

"This story inspires me, this drawing is amazing, I wonder if I can convince El to let me make a manga series of this", said Shima, with a smile and sparkles in her eyes.

'There all brainwashed', thought Nozomi, then he looked at Hayato, who's completely quiet.

"What do you think of their love story?" asked Nozomi, looking at Hayato.

"I misjudged him", said Hayato, once he closed the flip book.

"Glad to hear that", said Clay, then kissed Hayato on his cheek, and Hayato fainted.

Clay and El are by each other.

Clay laughs at that fact Hayato fainted.

"Clay, you're supposed to be kind", El reminded Clay.

"Right, I'll be a good boy", said Clay.

El rubs Clay's hair playfully, and says "Good boy".

"So cute", said Kae, with the flip book covering her mouth and has sparkly eyes.

"Can I make your book into a manga series?" asked Shima, beside El.

"Of course, I haven't made a deal with anybody else", said El.

"Great", said Shima. "I'll get started with it, when I get home".

"That's great, oh my mom sent me a message", said El, looking at his phone.

"What did she say?" asked Clay, curiously.

"She's not going to cook, she's getting chili fries and chili dogs with a drink", said El.

"Why?" asked Clay.

"She fell down the stairs and hurt her arm",  El read the phone message.

"She is clumsy", said Clay.

"I know", said El.

The screen shows Clay and El with the others finishing their picnic.

"Well, I'm stuffed", said Yusuke.

El is hugging Clay by the waist, and sees on his phone a message, then smiles.

Two minutes later 

"Bye Clay, see you tomorrow", Kae waved.

"Don't miss me too much", said Clay, with one eye closed and blows a kiss.

"We should go, my mother realized that the guest room hasn't been fully cleaned", said El.

"Got it", said Clay.

Clay waves, and says "Bye Clay's little puppets".

Then, Clay laughed as he and El walked away.

The screen switches to a house, where Clay is opening the door and a man who has long brown hair, wearing a delivery outfit brings a platter with bags.

"Hello", said Clay.

"Clay, you're back", said The delivery boy, blushing.

"Oh, Mel, you still are in the delivery service?" asked Clay.

"Yeah, one more month", said The delivery boy.

"Really? So, dating anybody?" asked Clay, with a sly smile.

"No, still single, keep getting friendzoned, I see you haven't changed", said The delivery boy.

"So, except I am dating somebody  who is the son that lives here", said Clay.

"Oh, well here's the order", said the delivery boy, handing Clay the food.

Before Melvin the delivery boy left, Clay kissed him on the forehead and put something in his pocket, then Clay winked at him and closed the door.

Melvin the delivery boy looks at the note that Clay gave to him and smiled, then goes into a truck and drives away.

Back in El's house, Clay brings him and El's food upstairs.

Once Clay opens the door, he sees El is wearing purple footsie looking at the TV seeing a football game, that switches to a cheerleader talking to a football player.

"I didn't miss anything, did I?" asked Clay.

"No", said El.

"I checked on your mother and she say she'll be resting and she's sorry we couldn't eat together", said Clay, giving El the bag.

El pulls Clay down, that he lands on the carpet, and says "You were messing with Melvin again, weren't you?"

"You're not jealous, are you?" asked Clay, with a sly smile.

El kisses Clay on the lips.

"So, you make a move for once", said Clay.

"That's my son", said El's mom.

"Mom!" exclaimed El, as he blushes.

"Sorry, I'll flip the switch", said El's mom.

A sound of a button being heard, and Clay's phone rings.

"Yes", Clay answered. "Nope, we can't, don't worry, he'll be fine".

Clay hangs up.

"The food is going to get warmed up later", said El.

"So, you want me to be on top?" asked Clay.

El blushes, and says "Yes, just be gentle".

Clay smiles,and takes El's hand.

The screen shows Clay and El on the kissing on the bed.

El takes his shirt off, Clay does the same

Clay and El smile at each other 

(Episode ends)


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