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Ok so I haven't been on in a while because I got busted playing a game on my phone when I was supposed to be doing schoolwork. Not like I won't get the crap done by the end of the day anyhow. Sometimes a young fellow like me needs a time out and not a "you are grounded for a week and a half time out" neither. 

Ok so here's where I'm at. I go to a catholic school..well I did until this monster virus broke out. Anyway my neighbors go to the public school, went to the public school, sorry my bad, and they have 2 -3 hours of schoolwork per day and all done on Google classroom. Us catholic school kids are lucky to have a 3 hr. day once every blue moon, anyhow we start at 8:00 every morning with 2 online meetings, basically an online class via PC, 1 from 9 - 10 and another from 1 - 2 and homework assignments in between til 3:30. OH and we have AN ASSIGNED LUNCH BREAK FROM 12 TO 1230. and did I mention that we use 4 different websites instead everything being on Google classroom like my other friends and only Google classroom. It's so dang confusing and very annoying! You would think they would keep it a little more simpler for us jr highers and all

Anyway I'm going to count some sheep and try to sleep before I get busted being up this late and lose my stuff all over again. To all you kids who are homeschooling nonstop like myself, I feel for you too but look at the bright side, its almost finished for the summer so hang tight and you'll get through this. To all the other school goers that have it easier, be thankful because it can be much worse. Have  a good night and Peace out! 😀


  • Yea well, I had a video game addictipn that was hard get rid of, which I did before it got any worse. I blam this corana virus on DONALD TRUP!!!! I've always so excited an being toxic to my friends since Middle School on a day when Donald Trup was about to be elected President vs some else I forgot whom. We had a bet to vote what President we wish to be elceted. Some of us choose Donald Trup, and some voted for the other one try to elceted President. Ours won an regert it. Well, I don't know about my friends but I sure do. The Corna Virus happening that Donald Turp could of prevented is an catastrophe! Goes to show the be careful what you wish for.😷 Stay safe and stay good feet away from people you don't know. Who knows.... That might be the infected Corna Virus ya'll be absorbing😵

    May 20, 2020

  • May 20, 2020

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