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I became an author at age 12, and i'm putting stories on Writer's outlet, wattpad, and Webnovel

Also, if I was an anime character I would be a loli character that is a tsundere mixed with a moe character. I don't know what that would be called

I have a lot of bottled up anger, so I will some things with no heart, I get easily angered, I respect adults, I'm an A student, I'm about to graduate high school 

By the way, I love to sing, but only when I'm with my family at home, I'm almost super shy, so I don't have many crushes. 

I have had imaginary friends since I was in third grade

Truth time, I dated an imaginary boy that was my imaginary friend we broke up, I dated my imaginary friend Kisa who is a girl, then I dated my imaginary friend Max, then we broke up, Max and I are dating again

Also, i'm 19, i'm an introvert, so I only had one crush which was in elementary and it was with a boy that was really good at math and back then I loved math.
But, yeah I only had one crush

Question does has anybody had a hard time of knowing what your sexuality is


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