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I came to work this morning and saw two girls greet each other with air hugs and distance kisses. It was incredibly cute and it made me smile.

It doesn't suprise me to see how easily adaptable the human spirit It is to such things. When faced with the awkwardness of social distancing and that part of us that craves to be near others it drives us to adjust and find ways to cope with it, I nod my head and smile in my heart to see it.

It makes me reflect on the decades I spent in prison. You wouldn't imagine it to be a place of laughter or joy, but it was there. The worse the condition a person finds himself in, the deeper and more creative the power of a heart to find ways to adjust to any circumstance. 

Watching these girls this morning reinforced my hope for us as a whole and strengthen my faith in the fortitude of us all as a race. As long as we find ways to move beyond the terror and negative life throws at us, the closer we can move towards where we should be as a people.


  • May 19, 2020

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