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I was going through a rough time in my life and with all my heart prayed that both my Father and Emmanuel would hold my hand and walk me through it. That night as I slept, I dreamed I was up in the clouds walking among the angels and both my Father and Emmanuel was at my side, holding my hands. They was showing me earth and telling me of things to come. I got to see earth be cleansed of all evil within it and it become the heaven it was meant to be for all. It says in the bible "Through your suffering you shall be made perfect" I get that teaching now. Through my suffering, I have been made perfect. Maybe not in man's eye's, but in my Father's eyes I have. How may you ask? I've learned through many lessons in life what works for me, and what doesn't. I have learned to utulize the knowledge I've learned in my life to better my life. I know what I'm going through is a normal human emotion for the loss I've recently encountered in my life. I learned Emmanuel or Jesus was not a "Christian" or "Catholic" but was "Gnostic" which basically means he learned from his life lessons and ancient teachings to be all he was in his life. 


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