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(The opening shows a portal appears in the sky, and out of the portal is Kimi, Charlie, Little tiger, Lady J, Penelope, Xia, Rika, Amelia, Kima, Usagi, and Rey.

The screen switches to Xia looking at a boy who has rags on, holding a cake, while a bunch of people step on his feet, her face looks gloomy; Rika is in front of the camera and takes a picture. 

Amelia by a knight who has short blue hair, side by side, he had her and she blushes.

Rey is making cake with an angel behind her.

Lady J is holding two swords with a bunch of knights behind her.

Charlie kisses Kimi's hand, looking like a prince and Kimi looks shocked.

Penelope, Kima, and Usagi were pointing at everything they see looking excited.

Little tiger is reading in Merlin's tower.

Kimi is in the graveyard with Merlin, bats fly past the screen.

Then, the screen shows Kimi in the dungeon looking lifeless in her eyes.

Dracula is laughing evilly in the background.

The screen shows Rey, Xia, Rika, Amelia, Little tiger, Lady J, The knights, Penelope, Kima, Charlie, and Usagi standing in front of Dracula's castle, ready for battle.

The opening ends with Kimi smiles at the screen)

(The episode opens with Sal and Little tiger in Merlin's tower)

Sal: You do realize the scrolls in here is different from the books you know about.

Little tiger (smiles): Yes, I do (grabs a scroll from a vase) and that's what I'm hoping for.

Sal (thought): Interesting.

(Little Tiger reads the scroll, while sitting on the floor looking laser focused)

(Sal was surprised how Little tiger at a young age is acting totally different)

Little tiger (thought): Just as I thought he does know.

Sal: Know?

Little tiger: Oh, you can mind read.

(Sal nodded) 

(Little tiger shows the scroll to Sal)

Sal (eyes widened): No, we have to hurry.

Little tiger (stops Sal): Wait (points to a scroll that is glowing)

(Sal grabs the scroll, takes Little tiger's hand, and jumps out the window, then they flies away)

Sal: Why would Merlin need a dark spell like that?

Little tiger: It's not that.

Sal: Then, what?

Little tiger: I'll explain.

(The screen switches to Rey was about to enter the bakery, when she gets caught by a mysterious person and a door closes)

(The mysterious person is revealed to be an angel with sparkly white hair named Amie)

Rey: Hello.

Amie: Hi (gives a piece of a cake to Rey)

Rey: Why?

Amie: A sign of friendship.

Rey (thought): Odd.

Annie: Guess, how you make friends in your time is different from how me and my sisters do.

(Rey nodded, as she eats cake)

(The screen shows Lady J and Selina are at a pub, in the pub there is men and women talking, drinking and singing)

Lady J (whispers): This seems like a club from my timeline.

Selina (whispers): This place is not like they show on television.

(A 12-year-old girl who has long brown hair, wearing a grey dress with an white apron comes through a door)

Girl: I'm Toyoda Shina, what can I get you?

Lady J: I'm new, What's the best you have?

Todoya (smiles): I have something perfect (looks at Selina) I know what you like (walks away)

Lady J: Should we worry?

A man: Nah, she may seem playful, but she's harmless.

Lady J: Okay, I wonder if I should've say something less strong.

(The people in the pub laughs)

Selina: Seriously.

Lady J: I try not to drink.

Selina: Oh! I'm sorry.

Lady J: I can handle it, but I try not to drink.

Todoya: Proof it (puts two cups down)

Lady J: Okay (grabs the cup and drinks)

(The screen shows Lady J chugging and everybody watching her, then they cheer)

(Lady J stops and the cup is empty, then wiped her mouth)

Todoya: Impressive.

Lady J: (looking a little dizzy) Thank you (then shakes her hand) how about wine instead

Todoya: With cheese

Lady J: Of course.

Todoya (pats Lady J's hand): Got it (walks to the back)

(Selina drinks from her cup)

(The screen switches to Kimi, Gabby and Charlie are in field, where they see two girls and one boy picking out fruit from bushes with baskets)

Gabby: These people are your kind, Kimi.

Charlie: Kind?

Gabby: mutants.

(The kids are revealed to be teenagers, one of the girls who has  two dark purple ponytails, small pink cat ears, green glasses, green ribbon around the two ponytails wearing a school uniform and white heels, Pepper has short dark green hair, dark pink cat ears, wearing peach dress and peach heels, and Tequa has short blonde hair, wearing a  short blue outfit and blue shoes)

Mita (drops her fruit and points): It's G.O.L.

Pepper (coldly): Whatever 

Tequa: How cold (walks up to Kimi) I'm Tequa.

Mita: I'm Mita (looks at Pepper) 

Pepper (coldly): What?

Mita: At least, introduce yourself 

Pepper (coldly): She already knows.

Mita: True, but still it's rude to not say anything to her.

Kimi: It's okay (smiles at Pepper) you have a name that fits your personality perfectly, Pepper.

(Pepper scruffs)

Kimi (thought): How cold.

(Mita is rolling around with woodland creatures)

Tequa: Anyway, Gabby, isn't it early for her to be?

Kimi: It is.

Tequa: Yes, and before you ask we can't tell you what is supposed to happen.

Charlie: Of course. 

Kimi: so, you can't say if it was life changing or minor.

Tequa: Well, it's the first one, but that's all I tell you.

Kimi: Great, wait nothing is going to happen.

Mita: Your friends will be okay along with your new family.

Kimi (touches her heart): Good.

Mita (holding a puppy): Anyway, don't worry about it, let's just have fun.

Tequa: There's a special place, we have created to be safe from supernatural hunters.

Pepper: Hunters, that will stop at nothing to kill and extract our powers, so they can overthrow humanity especially the FBI and the CIA, they were founded in the year 8090, and have split up to many timelines.

(Episode ends with Kimi and Charlie looking shocked)



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