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Before this had happened 

we used to be going out 

with our favorite peoples, 

everything was very amazing 

until this dark danger begins 

we begin to be in our homes. 

Why corona you have to this to us? 

Block us from going out 

this is a nightmare 

everywhere is locked, 

we wish could go out 

see our friends get to hang out with our loved one. 

How could this corona keeping happening? 

When is the day scale going to drop? 

We stuck in home wishing be part 

of the outside world 

always at the same place, 

nowhere to go 

we want to set free 

go to every restaurant. 

Could this corona just end? 

We want to go outside 

I kneel on my knees

praying to Jesus give us strengths, 

we have to fight this virus 

government let us set free 

we want to be back to normal life

wish we could go out again


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