Happy Go Lucky Life. Read Count : 13

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Romance
One day Peter was in History Class when a girl named Penelope looked at him he quickly looked away to avoid eye contact, after class she walked up to him and handed him a note then she ran away, Peter read the note it said "Will you date me?" Peter put the note in his pocket and went to his house and went to bed, the next morning Penelope was in his room, Peter was shocked to see her in his room and he asked her "How did you even get in my house?!" She said "I followed you here!" Peter said "Ok let's just go to School!" When they were at Break Penelope saw another girl talking to Peter, the girl's name was Chloe and she was asking Peter to the dance, Peter told her to meet him on the school roof after school.
Penelope went to Peter's house and locked him in his closet with food and water, she went to the school roof and saw Chloe she took a machete out of her pocket and slashed Chloe she cleaned up her blood and burnt her body and got rid of any other evidence. The day of the Dance came and Peter was looking for Chloe and he didn't find her, Penelope saw Peter and she started dancing with him, after the dance Peter asked Penelope what happened to Chloe, she told him that Chloe moved to another city Peter said "Ok" and he and Penelope went home. The next day was Saturday and  Peter heard a knock on his door and he saw that it was a girl named Victoria she was beautiful and she walked in Peter's house Peter sat down and talked to her, meanwhile Penelope was watching the entire time, Peter was telling Victoria to watch Penelope's every move and make sure she was being suspicious so Victoria went to use the bathroom and the bathtub was full of water so Penelope grabbed Victoria's head and shoved it in the water and drowned her, she then took her body and buried it under some flowers, Peter asked Penelope where Victoria was, Penelope couldn't come up with a explanation so she stabbed Peter and buried him next to Victoria later on Penelope met another boy and she.....
To be continued


  • Husky Juan

    Husky Juan

    Wow I loved it!

    May 19, 2020

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