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We are 2 bullets, wandering 
Through the target hearts.  
We are the sounds we have known
 For a long time, but we did not have
The courage to turn them into a song.

  We are the pair of a hand
 That wants to caress a cheek. 
 We are the strong walls of a church.  

We are the hard steps
 We take towards self-knowledge, 
We are what others think we can be never.  

We are the clock that monitors our vital signs
 Through its ticking, until our last smile.
  We are a piano that no longer plays, 
A sheet still unwritten, but full of tears. 

 We break our vows 
Because it's more easier not to keep them. 
 We melt under other gunfire,
 Because it's more easy to pull the trigger


  • May 19, 2020

  • May 19, 2020

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