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Definition of lord

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1one having power and authority over others:
aa ruler by hereditary right or preeminence to whom service and obedience are due
Man is our masters. Our Religious rulers which is man is our masters. Our Government is our masters. Our bosses are our masters. There are many other forms of masters in our world. We truly are not free. God is a supernatural being not of this world. Being means to be in existence. So basically you are a homo sapien or human in existence. It also says in the bible that the God's will gather in assembly to decide the fate of mankind. I know that it is man who rules us, I know that it is no God or Demon causing our suffering or ending, but man who does it. Those ancient beings want to Save us that is why a lot of people are being woken up and starting to utulize teachings taught to them to rise above the darkness man has created for us all in the consciousness of our minds. We have free will, so therefore we chose to suffer and let the world get to us. The more we focus on negatives, the more they grow out of control, or haven't you all noticed this yet? Blessed be


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