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(The opening shows a portal appears in the sky, and out of the portal is Kimi, Charlie, Little tiger, Lady J, Penelope, Xia, Rika, Amelia, Kima, Usagi, and Rey.

The screen switches to Xia looking at a boy who has rags on, holding a cake, while a bunch of people step on his feet, her face looks gloomy; Rika is in front of the camera and takes a picture. 

Amelia by a knight who has short blue hair, side by side, he had her and she blushes.

Rey is making cake with an angel behind her.

Lady J is holding two swords with a bunch of knights behind her.

Charlie kisses Kimi's hand, looking like a prince and Kimi looks shocked.

Penelope, Kima, and Usagi were pointing at everything they see looking excited.

Little tiger is reading in Merlin's tower.

Kimi is in the graveyard with Merlin, bats fly past the screen.

Then, the screen shows Kimi in the dungeon looking lifeless in her eyes.

Dracula is laughing evilly in the background.

The screen shows Rey, Xia, Rika, Amelia, Little tiger, Lady J, The knights, Penelope, Kima, Charlie, and Usagi standing in front of Dracula's castle, ready for battle.

The opening ends with Kimi smiles at the screen)

(The episode opens with everybody in Lady J's garden)

Xia (jumpy): I can't wait, I've always wanted to visit the middle ages.

Amelia (looking at at Xia): Yup, that's i'm excited.

Rika: Wait! Before we go (gets out her camera) picture time.

(The screen shows Kimi wearing a long teal dress, Rika wearing a red dress, Little tiger wearing a yellow dress, Rey is wearing a black dress, Lady J is wearing a light green dress, Xia is wearing a pink dress, Charlie dressed as a prince, Amelia is wearing a rainbow dress, Kima is wearing a midnight blue dress, Penelope is wearing a purple dress, and Usagi is wearing a white dress in the picture, looking like their from the middle ages)

Usagi: We look so cute!

Lady J: Well, we are going to the middle ages, they dressed very high class.

Kimi: Exactly, who's ready to go.

Charlie (smiles at Kimi): I am .

Usagi: I am as well.

Rika: Me too.

Amelia: We're all ready.

Kimi (looks at Amelia): Amelia, you want to open up the portal or should I?

Amelia: This is your vacation, I will.

(Amelia spins her two swords making a portal appear)

Rey: You go first, Kimi.

(Kimi runs into the portal with Charlie holding a hand, then came Rey and the others)

(The screen shows everybody landing a room full of boxes and dust, along with cobwebs and some holes in the wall)

Rika (sarcastically, acting excited): Fascinating, for once Amelia took us to a dump.

Rey (walking): You can say that again (clears dust from a box) Seriously, has this place ever cleaned? (Coughs)

Amelia (kinda confused): Odd, I thought I was thinking of somewhere cleaner.

Kimi (shyly): Sorry, I interfered.

Lady J (surprised): Kimi, why would you send us here?

Kimi: because I wanted to pick a place nobody owned in this timeline.

Charlie: Good idea, that way, no one will get suspicious.

Amelia: That may have been clever, but next time let us know.

Kimi: Okay.

(Xia hugs Kimi)

Rey: That aside (looks  at Kimi) Kimi, you have a plan to clean this place?

Kimi: Yeah, watch this, I learned this yesterday.

(Kimi turns her tail into a mop, she grows two extra arms with cleaning supplies and turns a blur)

(The screen shows a blur going all around a cottage)

Kimi: Open your eyes 

(The screen shows a clean room)

Rey (shocked): You did this all by yourself?

Kimi (poses): Yup, what do you think?

Xia: It's perfect.

Rika (taking pictures): I'm impressed.

Charlie (thought): Wow! 

Amelia: Seems, you have better control of your powers.

Penelope: Question, Kimi, do you miss school? If you don't miss it, I still do, but now I can travel wherever I like because of my powers (laughs heartily) 

(Lady J, Rey, Rika, Penelope, Xia, Kima, Usagi, Amelia, Charlie, and Little tiger smile at Kimi)

Penelope: Should we send you homework?

 Charlie: I could ask the teachers.

Lady J: I could send you to a private school (shows a little paper) this one actually doesn't mind you going I meant to tell you.

(Kimi jumps, and runs with super speed around the room)

(Rey stops Kimi)

Kimi (with sparkle in her eyes): I would love to go to that private school, sign me up, when we get back home 

Lady J (smiles): I will .

Rey: Has anyone seen Charlie and Usagi?

(The screen shows a flower in front of Kimi's face, then Kimi turns around  to see Charlie)

Kimi (holds the flower): Is this for me?

Charlie (smiles): You like it?

Kimi (blushes): Of course.

The others: Awww!

Rey: I'll let it slide today.

Kimi: thanks.

Rey (smiles): Anything for you.

(Kimi smiles)

Rika: Guys, I found Usagi (looking out the window)

Xia: I'll go get her (jumps out of the window and heads out)

(The episode ends with nearly everyone surprised)


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