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(The opening shows a portal appears in the sky, and out of the portal is Kimi, Charlie, Little tiger, Lady J, Penelope, Xia, Rika, Amelia, Kima, Usagi, and Rey.

The screen switches to Xia looking at a boy who has rags on, holding a cake, while a bunch of people step on his feet, her face looks gloomy; Rika is in front of the camera and takes a picture. 

Amelia by a knight who has short blue hair, side by side, he had her and she blushes.

Rey is making cake with an angel behind her.

Lady J is holding two swords with a bunch of knights behind her.

Charlie kisses Kimi's hand, looking like a prince and Kimi looks shocked.

Penelope, Kima, and Usagi were pointing at everything they see looking excited.

Little tiger is reading in Merlin's tower.

Kimi is in the graveyard with Merlin, bats fly past the screen.

Then, the screen shows Kimi in the dungeon looking lifeless in her eyes.

Dracula is laughing evilly in the background.

The screen shows Rey, Xia, Rika, Amelia, Little tiger, Lady J, The knights, Penelope, Kima, Charlie, and Usagi standing in front of Dracula's castle, ready for battle.

The opening ends with Kimi smiles at the screen)

(The episode opens with everybody surprised, Kimi jumps out of the window after Rika)

(Rey takes Charlie's hands and follows Kimi)

(The screen shows Usagi looking all around the place with a smile and is tapped on the shoulder, then sees a boy who has short white hair, wearing a knight outfit named Sir Moon)

Rika (looking at Usagi and Sir Moon): Maybe we should leave her be.

Rey (looking at the knight): She's getting hit on by a knight (put her finger on her chin) interesting 

Kimi (looks at Rey): Where's Charlie?

Rey: (points behind her) He's right (looks surprised to see nothing) Well he was right behind me.

Kimi (runs and turns a corner): I'll go find him.

Rey (following Kimi): I'm coming too, I don't want you to get lost.

(The screen switches to Charlie rubbing his head, then sees he is in a cage)

Charlie (looking around): Where am I?

(A voice, child-like laughs echoes)

Charlie (shakes): How creepy! 

A voice (echoes): How harsh, I'll let you know people love my voice.

Charlie (thought): Like who?

A voice (echoes): All my prisoners of course.

Charlie (thought): She can hear my thoughts.

A voice (echoes): Yes, I can little prince, or should I say time traveller.

Charlie: Who are you? Why did you take me?

(The voice laughed again)

The voice: Because I like cute guys.

Charlie (looking at the ceiling): Sorry, I'm not interested in creepy girls or boys, I can't tell, plus you sound younger than me.

The voice: Don't be fooled, i'm just borrowing a voice, this isn't my real voice

Charlie: Okay.

(The screen shows a tornado appear in front of Charlie, the tornado disappears and a sparkling aura is revealed to be an girl who has long blonde hair in a ponytail, wearing a white gown and white heels with white angel wings)

Charlie (looks shocked): An angel!

The Angel (smiles): Nice to meet you, I'm Gabby, sorry I didn't introduce myself before (puts her hand on Charlie's) I'm sorry.

Charlie: Wait! What?

Gabby (shyly): I'm terrible at making new friends, I didn't want to kidnap you

(Charlie looked at Gabby, who looks like she was about to cry)

Charlie: (sighs) (smiles at Gabby) If you let me out, I will be your friend

Gabby (smiles): Really!

Charlie: Yes, but promise that you won't kidnap anymore people.

(Gabby laughs, this confused Charlie)

Gabby: I don't actually have prisoners, this is just an act (claps her hand)

(The screen reveals a bright light, revealing other girls with looks similar to Gabby)

(Charlie notice the cage being melted, then sees Kimi flying with white wings with an annoyed look on her face)

Charlie: Kimi! Uh!

Gabby (gasped): It's the G.O.L.

The red angel (southern accent): No way! That girl is a legend.

The black-haired angel (snobby accent): But, no one else can enter here except angels and we're the only ones allowed in this timeline.

(Kimi grabbed Charlie, held him in her arms, and started to fly away. But, Gabby gets in front of Kimi)

Gabby: Wait (grabs Kimi's tail) (looks at her friend) Look at her tail, no human has this.

(The other angels gasps)

The red angel (southern accent): It's true 

(Kimi make Charlie float, takes her tail back from Gabby)

Gabby: Sorry, that was rude of me.

Kimi: Extremely rude (sighs) but, I'll forgive you because you are an angel and you want to make mortal friends, but I have one question.

Gabby: Yes.

Kimi: What's the G.O.L?

Gabby: A future name for you, but I can't tell you anything more, our master wouldn't like it.

Charlie(confused): Are you from the future?

The red-haired angel: Not really, we know about every timeline, but our master got bored, so he dropped his angels here; which is us.

The green-haired angel: Yeah, we're guardians of this timeline (holds her hand to Charlie) I'm Selina.

The red-haired girl (walks to Charlie): I'm Sal (smiles)

(Charlie looks and sees Gabby and Sal talking)

(Kimi takes Charlie's hand and teleports away, then Gabby, Sal, and Selina disappears too)

(The screen switches to them landing in the cottage again)

Gabby: Nice place.

Sal: It's cleaner than any cottage I have seen.

Rey: Thank goodness your back (hugs Kimi and kiss her on the cheek)

Sal: Who's she?

Rey: Sup, I'm Rey (rubs Kimi's hair) (looks at Charlie) Charlie, are you okay?

Charlie: A little weird, but okay.

Lady J (looking exhausted and messy hair): Good, because we were looking for you everywhere.

 Charlie: Sorry, mom, I didn't mean to make you worry.

Lady J: (kisses Charlie on the forehead) It's okay.

Kimi: Where's the others?

Usagi (by the cottage door): Traveling all around 

Little tiger (runs into the cottage): Mom! Mom! Mom!

Lady J: Yes, Little tiger 

Little tiger: Can I go to the tower?

Lady J (confused): Tower?

Gabby: She must mean Merlin's tower.

Sal: I can get her there.

Lady J: I don't know

Sal: It's okay, I have wanted to go there.

Lady J: Okay (pats Little tiger's head) be good

Little tiger: Alright, mom

(Sal takes Little tiger's hand and they teleport away)

Kimi: Well, I guess we should have fun too.

Gabby: I know the perfect place for you.

(Gabby flies out of the window)

(Charlie and Kimi look at each other seeming unsure, then shrug their shoulders, Kimi puts her wings out again and takes Charlie; they go out the window like Gabby. Gabby was waiting for them)

Selina (looks at Lady J): So, do you like meeting new people.

Lady J: Yeah.

Selina: Great, I know  the perfect place for you (takes Lady J's hand and teleports them)

Rey: Well, I guess, I'll travel around the town (sniffs the air and sees a bakery)

(The episode ends with Rey heading to the bakery)


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