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The episode opens with Kae wearing a white shirt,pink skirt and puts on a purse in her room,then walks to the bathroom.

"Clay, you ready?" asked Kae, by the bathroom door.

"Almost", said Clay, brushing his hair.

"I notice that you take a while, doing your hair", said Kae.

"That's because I do a special routine for my hair", said Clay.

"Should I help you?" asked Kae.

"Good idea", said Clay, then opens the bathroom door.

Kae sees Clay with straight hair with his head, Clay points to blue petals, and says "Could crunch those petals, and put it into the conditioner?" 

"Okay, where did you get these petals from?" asked Kae, while opening the conditioner.

"Autumn", said Clay.

"She runs a flower shop?" asked Kae, crunching the petals and putting them in the conditioner.

"Yup, her, Summer, Raine, and Didi", answered Clay.

Kae shakes a closed conditioner and hands it to Clay.

"Thank you", said Clay.

"No problem", said Kae.

Clay puts the conditioning in his hair in front of the mirror, Kae watches in amazement of Clay's hair turning silky and puts his hair into his usual ponytail.

The screen shows Clay with a glowing aura and smiles.

'Pretty', thought Kae.

"Kae, what's up?" asked Clay.

"Nothing, your hair looks nice", said Kae.

Clay puts his arm around Kae's shoulder, and says "Thanks, you look cute as well, and not just your hair".

Clay is wearing a white shirt and blue jeans.

"Kae, your friends are here!" called Mitsuko.

"Coming!" Kae called back.

Kae turns to Clay, who has an evil smile and laughs with a dark aura.

"Uh, Clay?" asked Kae, looking nervous.

"Let's go", said Clay, with a warming smile.

The screen switches to Kae, Nanako, Clay, Asuma, Nozomi, Hayato, Shima, and Yusuke walking.

"Question, what is your boyfriend like?" asked Nanako.

"You'll find out", said Clay, with a smile.

"Let's hope, he's not like you", said Nozomi.

Clay starts pulling Nozomi's ear and says "I'll have you know he is a sweet boy".

"Ouch!" complained Nozomi, rubbing his ear.

They headed to the park, Utsumi who has spiky hair, wearing a blue shirt, a hat shaped like a tulip, multicolored outfit and white shoes and there's a boy who has short red hair, black fedora, wearing a blue jacket, blue shirt with yellow sleeves, blue jeans, and blue shoes with yellow stripes. 

Utsumi puts the cloth on a wooden table, and the other boy puts the picnic basket on the table, the other boy turns to Clay and smiles.

Clay smiles at The other boy, and runs to him, then hugs him, and kisses him on the lips.

The other boy looks at Clay's sly smile, The other boy blushes, and Clay says "Missed me, honey".

"Yeah, how about you?" asked The other boy.

"Of course, I hate being away from you", said Clay.

"Well, that's why we are meeting", said The other boy, then kisses Clay on the cheek.

"What am I invisible?" asked Utsumi, as he put his hand on Clay's head.

"Of course not, my artsy friend, you painted a lot of good things since we last talked?" asked Clay, with his arm around the other boy.

The screen switches to Clay holding the other boy's hands in front of Kae, Shima, Asuma, Yusuke, Hayato, Nanako, and Nozomi.

"Nice to meet you, I'm El Sugimoto, Clay's boyfriend and a soccer player", said The other boy.

'Soccer player', thought Yusuke.

"Wait! El who won the last four games", Nozomi realized.

"Yup, but i'm taking a break", said El, with a smile.

Kae, Asuma, Nozomi, Hayato, Nanako, Shima, and Yusuke introduce themselves to El, and Utsumi.

The screen shows everybody eating.

"El, question why Clay?" asked Hayato.

Clay steps on Hayato's foot, which makes his eyes twitch.

"Clay, you shouldn't hurt a person's foot, apologize", said El, seeing Clay with a fork in his mouth.

"Sorry, Hayato", said Clay.

"It's okay, that was a rude question to ask", said Hayato.

"But, I can answer that question", said El.

What El said got everybody's attention.

"Better, why don't I give you a backstory of when I first fell in love with him", said El, as he passed a piece of cake to Clay.

In a flashback, in a school hallway, El has longer red hair, wearing a white shirt, blue shorts, and white shoes holding a bunch of books walking, then sees out the window Clay wearing a red tracksuit and red shoes running track.

"Don't even think about it", said Sam.

"Huh?" asked El.

"Clay, he's terrible, a player, and always causing trouble, take my advice, pick somebody else", said Sam, then walks away.

'He doesn't seem like that, but I guess looks can be deceiving', thought El, then walks away.

The screen switches to El entering a tent, and turns around to see Clay in a dress from the picture he showed Kae and the others.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know anybody was here", El blushed.

Clay laughed.

"Don't worry, I don't mind, I finished getting dressed. Plus I get seen in this outfit first by a cute?" Clay smiles, while sitting on a table and winks at El.

"Wait, you sound like a guy", El noticed.

"Oh, you don't recognize me, El?" asked Clay.

"How? Wait", said El, confused.

El remembers Sam warning him that Clay will be dressed as a girl for the festival.

"Oh! Clay, sorry I thought you were a girl", said El, looking embarrassed.

"Thank you, that's what I was going for", said Clay, with a smirk.

'Why am I still blushing, he's just dressed as a girl?' El wondered in his head.

"Don't think about it too much, liking somebody as their opposite gender is okay", Clay reassures El, writing in on a paper that is on a clipboard.

"Okay", said El.

'How did he know what I was thinking?' asked El in his head.

"Anyway, I'll be going to my booth", said Clay. "See ya".

"Wait! How did you know my name? We barely meet each other", asked El, before he lost Clay.

"Because I saw you at your little soccer game and I know you little friend Sam", said Clay.

"She was the one that warned me not to talk to you because…", said El.

Clay walks closer to El, smirks, and says "Because…"

"She never really said why", El admitted.

"I understand, but she probably doesn't want you to like me because I'm into guys", said Clay, with his hands on his hips.

"You like guys?" asked El.

Clay's confession goes into El's mind, and looks shocked.

'Hmmm...She really didn't tell him, well at least he didn't know now he does', thought Clay, as he walked away.

Back in the present, El's phone is ringing.

"Sorry, I have to take this", said El, heading by a tree.

"So, it was love at first sight", said Nanako.

"I don't see it", said Nozomi.

The screen switches to Clay coming back, and says "I'm back" 

Then, El sees Clay crushing Nozomi's two hands with one foot on his back.

"Clay, my mom wants you to spend you the night, so she can see you again", said El.

"Great, I haven't seen your mom for a while", said Clay, then lets go of Nozomi's hands.

"Great", El smiled.

'Why do I always get hurt?' thought Nozomi.

"Clay, you should help Nozomi, he looks hurt", said Kae.

"Of course, it is my fault as well", said Nozomi, then picked Nozomi up.

The episode ends with Clay walking to an outdoor bathroom.



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    May 18, 2020

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