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I mess everything up 

it was my fault 

if you had told me, 

what she told you 

I would know about it 

I’m ashamed of myself. 

How could I do this to you? 

I didn’t keep you in this coffee shop 

I was confused I didn’t mean to 

add pressure on you, 

they try to reach out to me 

my phone was locked 

that’s why they’re furious at me. 

How could I lock my phone? 

The reason was my phone 

getting low that’s why I lock it up

I didn’t mean to make it worse, 

I never knew about the changes 

I didn’t mean to make you look bad 

in front of them. 

How could I do this to you? 

Three of you put fire on me 

stab me behind my back

I’m cover with red liquid, 

oozed out from my body 

I should deserve this 

I’m blame myself for everything. 

How I become a bad person? 

A thousand pieces of my heart shattered 

I don’t feel like show my face to them 

this was all of my mistakes into a horrible mess, 

I knew I had things I should work on 

you knew my condition already. 

Wouldn’t I just learn from my mistake? 

You should make it easy on me 

I knew what I did wrong 

whatever you feel toward me, 

it’s had would affect me in different ways 

the reason I ran away if wasn’t for

him rose his anger tone directly at me. 

Could he low his anger tone? 

I wouldn’t make it hard on you 

including two of them I knew 

what I did was wrong, 

it wasn’t for me I wouldn’t be 

mix everything up make you three 

feel this way toward me. 

I should deserve this 

everything is not according I was plan 

it’s went down hill crumple into a big mess, 

I’m willing to learn from this experience 

wouldn’t do it never again. 


  • May 18, 2020

  • May 18, 2020

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