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"PrT oF da Prerequisite"

-i wnT yaw 2 KnO dis
I wuz nVa hear'n shiT
EvnTho mY FLo's sick
Da weighT oF da WrLd, Im CrrY'n iT
I TriedTa ig da FcT daT FaTigue Cn eXpoze shiT
I emBraced mY vuLnerabiLiTies n'sTead oF fear'n iT
By ChnGn mY crcle, my enemies iz cLosesT
Bc mY Fam & friends iz da reason y I saw TherapisTs
PsychiaTrisTs, PsychoLogisTs, Dr's & PriesTs, da sme diagnosis
So I FiXd da probLem by nt pLaYn GwD & sParin shiT
AccumuLaTin mY body counT Bc no bodies iz mY prognosis
My EyEz r DeaD, there's no tears n iT
So b'n CidaL iz y Im abLe 2 focus
99% oF me DnT enTer mY HmE Bc Im nt scarin shiT
"PrT oF da Prerequisite" 4 me 2 b MrrY'd, I HvTa reMain a PoeT-



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