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a white lies?
(SPG !!)

My ghad !! What a sh*t i am

How can I do that ??
I'm like a fool here when I go back to my little room I can't rest my  my brain has suddenly disappeared! Urgh !!

I sat up in my bed thinking about the stupidity I had made. 
How does that happen. 

Now im thingking what happened last night.

On Carls Pad my boyfriend bestfriend. He invite me to his birthday. 

Oh where are the others? Did I think jay would come? I ask him while drinking on a glass of wine 

 You're the only one I want to be with Carl said and sit down next to me i smell his manly sent. 

His hand curl around my waist, I don't know why I couldn't move! My body didn't object to what he did.

I felt his lips on mine  the sent of mint drive me crazy. I didn't move but let him in i want more. 
Im looking at his face and his lips stuck as I felt his tongue dripping with something in my mouth f * ck my heart is pounding because of the heat i felt

I cant help but to Responded to his kiss. 
He felt my eyes open so he closed it with her palm until her kiss came down and I didn't care that I liked it. 

His kiss down to my ears I could feel the strange sensation engulfing my body. His kiss went down to my neck down to my chest.

I could feel his hand wandering through my body and his fingers just running down my pearl. I let him enter mine  I couldn't explain the heat I felt.
 I let him take my body. 

The night was just a mistake. 

Yes! My boyfriend wasn't the first boy that got my virginity it his bestfriend the boyfriend of my bestfriend. 

We both said then silent field in the room. 

Ok i get it. No one will know what we did trust me. Carl said  and I agree. 
Then i left his house even my tight was hurt. 

We have reached our limitation that need avoid not thinking that there's someone will hurt. 
Its hurts the fact that  we are here in the darkness and when the light comes we are wrapped in lies.

Don't get carried away by the stream of lust it may ruin your life.

Ps. Im not that good in writing but i hope that you love it. Im so bless that your reading it. 


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    May 17, 2020

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