Time Travel Shenanigans Read Count : 18

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Sub Category : Science Fiction
One day in the year 121 A.D  a little ant named Anthony Ant was in a Castle dungeon he was cast there awaiting trial, when he was cast into a cold jar the jar became covered in snow 1846 years passed in the year 1967 is when a man discovered the jar and warmed it up, Anthony woke up and to his surprise he still remembered everything he looked around he wasn't in his homeland anymore he had been transferred from his home in Russia to a new home in Taiwan then the Man's kid put the Jar in the freezer and 26 years passed and Anthony woke up again to realize he was in Nebraska and he asked another Ant what year it was the ant replied saying "It is 1993" Anthony told the Ant what time he was from the Ant was shocked and laughed at Anthony and said "Haha good one!" Anthony killed him and went to the castle the Queen Ant saw Anthony and she recognized him from the Art on the Temple of Ant she was amazed and accused him of witchcraft she ordered the ants to bury him alive Anthony was buried alive and in less than 1 hour Anthony died
The End



    May 17, 2020

  • It's great you have to read my story too "Revenge of the dark knight"

    May 17, 2020

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