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I always get attention,I like attention,I'm fine with attention,so I don't think that it's that much of a deal liking attention,of course I will not do anything crazy to get attention like other people,no,I'm not that kind of a person,I'm nice,but my life IS kind of boring,the only interesting thing in my life was my sister,my older sister,I've always wondered what's up with her,I love her of course,but it's kind of complicated,she never opened up with anyone,not even our parents,well my kind of parents do deserve that,believe it or not they DO NOT give her as much attention as me,she's always alone,always,sometimes when I want to talk with somebody,and I don't have anyone,anyone,it doesn't feel good,I promise you,now I wonder how it is for her to not have anybody to talk to for 16 years,must be horrible,I mean,she does have me,she opens up to me a little bitsy,I know that she doesn't have any friends,I just know it,so she's really just lonely,but I was always there for her,always,I was only 7 at the moment,of course i didn't understand things,I was just a child,but when she was a child she didn't get any help,any mercy,anything,it hurt my heart seeing her like this,my dear sister,I watched her break into million pieces, and I could do nothing,she didn't blame me,she never did,she tries to hide her tears,as I tried to help her,but she refuses,she always refuses,why can't she just understand?I don't like being useless,I want to do something,I want to be something,I want to be someone,I want to know her feelings,I want her to open up,I want to her to try to understand me as much as I understand her,I clenched my fist as I stare at her,and I right now I look like my father,only 16 years old,so much hatred at this world,all alone but she didn't do anything odd,she's normal,but it's just not right how this world let her cry,all alone,no help,there's noone beside her side,she feels like everybody is against her while nobody even knows she exists,by her teary eyes I predicted,she's not going to last long,no she won't,she's all alone in this world,and I can do nothing,i'm useless and I don't think I can help.
But I still try
And I hope it won't be for a waste
I'm here with her,I listen to her problems,I tried to understand but it's just not right for me.
And now I look in her eyes, There's still disappointment in there.
And now I'm standing by her grave, knowing I could change that.

I should take my pills.



  • May 17, 2020

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