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It was late at night when my cell phone rang, I ignored it the first two times. I realized it must be an emergency or my dad wouldn't be calling me so late. I'm scared to answer dreading the news I was about to receive. It was my dad on the other end telling me I need to get over there cause Chris was dead. I rush over and the scene I saw in my brother's room will forever be burned in my memories. My brother laid cold on the bed as my mom held onto his arm crying for her baby to come back and Libby was giving him cpr. I went to help, but when I touched him, he was cold and I knew it was too late to save him. As I stood looking over his body, remembering earlier that day how I swore I saw his spirit in the hallway begging me to help him.. I let him down and now here he lays dead and I could've saved him, if I'd only listened to that spirit in the hallway earlier that day. As I stood staring down at his body watching the paramedics take over, I felt a soft wind blow my hair back, then my little brother whispered in my ear "What are you staring at" which freaked me out and I left that house as fast as I could. 


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