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The very first Government of Jubistan was Jubistan Party(JP), it's President Mr. Akhil became the President of Jubistan. He and his party did great job in establishing Schools, Colleges, constructing roads, building homes, etc. This 5 year term was the only time when the Kolarks lived in peace and freedom. At that time the population of Kolarks was only 20,000. The very first election of Jubistan was held in 1961. Looking at the works of first term President AKhil, majority of people voted for him and he won the very first election. Kolarks were few in numbers but was talented, they got jobs outside their state which many didn't liked, Mr. Parkesh's newly formed Jubistan Democratic Party(JDP) which was established in 1962 was against the Kolarks coming to Telfark (capital of Jubistan) and doing jobs and the people of Telfark were not getting enough jobs as the Kolarks were getting. Mr. Parkesh party soon became the opposition by winning 4 state elections.

In 1963, Mr. Parkesh in the Parliament being the opposition raised questions on Kolarks getting better jobs in the capital of Jubistan and not Telfark's people. He further said that its only been 6 years since we have gained Independence and the states of Jubistan must focus on giving jobs to its own people first and then focus on other state's people.

President Akhil Answers Mr. Parkesh questions- Mr. Parkesh questions and concerns are valid but he is missing one point that to build the nation from its very root we need talented people so that our nation will be strong for the upcoming generation and according to me that can only be achieved if we invite talented people from each and every parts of Jubistan.

Mr. Akhil asks Mr. Parkesh- I don't get one thing Mr. Parkesh, why are you only pointing out Kolarks. People are coming from every states to work in Telfark.

Mr. Parkesh- I was trying to state the situation and I believe that Kolarks don't deserve this nation because they have worked with the British Government before the Independence. They must be thrown out of this nation, or else they will pollute our beautiful nation.

Mr. Akhil- I think you are getting personal on the Kolarks because people like you never liked them because they were drain cleaners sometime before and you are not ready to accept them working better jobs as others are working, this kind of thinking must not be in a leader's mentality, move on from this mentality like many have moved on and work for everyone's betterment without excluding anyone and it's a known fact that your Party's ideology of politics is very different. You are trying to create a target to win future elections and that target is Kolarks which can be clearly seen through your concerns raised today. You must not fight elections targeting a group of people, you should do some good works on which every politician fight elections. Not only Kolarks but many other people have also worked with the British Government back then and I think we shouldn't fight on past and work for our present so that every people of Jubistan can have a better future.

Hearing this many agreed but Mr. Parkesh's party members was not ready to agree this, therefore he leaves the parliament.

In the year 1965, President Akhil died due to heart attack and Vice-President Mr. Devis became the President for the remaining term. Mr. Devis somehow failed to fulfil the promises of former President Mr. Akhil which resulted in losing of the JP in 1966 election and then JDP came to power for the next term. Mr. Parkesh became the President. President Parkesh also did good works which helped in the development of Jubistan and its people but Mr. Parkesh slowly started to ignore Kolarks during its first 5 year term. At first many people around the nation raised questions that Kolarks are also from this nation, they have also spilled their blood to gain Jubistan's Independence.

Many members of Parliament also raised same concerns and said that this might be the start of Jubistan's dark phase and we should be afraid for this as we might not know what this may do to our nation in future. Mr. Parkesh Party's is spreading hatred for the Kolarks in this nation that must stop before it gets out of control.

Mr. Parkesh- I am not concerned about the future, I am concerned about the present and if my ideologies are so bad then the Jubistan's citizens are not fools that they elected me to be their President. We can deal with the future when it comes. I am doing what's best for this nation right now.

Mr. Parkesh indeed worked for the betterment of Jubistan but side by side he was slowly trying to keep the Kolarks in its own state, but was failing to do so because Jubistan Party was ruling the Kolark state and it didn't allow the central government to succeed. Therefore Mr. Parkesh decided to win the state election of Kolark so that he would have full control over the Kolarks and can do whatever he wanted. Many citizens opposed the JDP ideology by organising protest and campaigning which resulted in the losing of JDP in the 1971 general election, JP again came to power with newly elected President named Mr. Kovind. Mr. Kovind assures that everybody in this nation deserves equality and starts to work on it.

Meanwhile Mr. Parkesh and his party continues to spread hatred against the Kolarks in Jubistan. JDP's leader while campaigning for state elections gave hate speeches against the Kolarks that they are the rats to Jubistan and they must be thrown away from the house like every people do when they catches a rat in their house. Rats deserve to live in drains not houses. They were arrested for spreading hatred but when they got out of jail, they said that the ones who fight for the right cause have to go to jail to bring a change.. The supporters of JDP agrees to their leader and starts thinking that its good for the people of Jubistan if Kolarks cease to exist. At first there were very few who agreed to the ideals of JDP that Kolarks are the rats but as the session continues to pass, with time the supporters of JDP's ideals grew.

But JDP continuously lost 3 General Elections, JP was in power till 1986. JDP under the leadership of Gurbaksh, aged 36 years (son of Mr. Parkesh) won the 1986 General Election. No Kolark people voted for JDP this time. The reason for JDP's win was the hate that they kept spreading in Jubistan against the Kolarks since 1971. The hate that they kept spreading made their supporters grew exponentially.

President Gurbaksh in its term started working for the same thing his father failed to achieve, i.e., keeping the Kolarks in Kolark only so that they don't pollute the rest of the nation. President Gurbaksh planned bomb blasts in many slum areas/crowded areas and in every blast, he made sure that there was one Kolark present sometimes dead and sometimes arrested. The whole blame was put on the arrested Kolark and news were played 24*7 that Kolarks are turning hostile and are trying to pollute our house that the JDP kept on warning since the very start. People all over Jubistan started to connect to the news and agreed to the Government's ideology that the Kolarks must not stay with the rest of the Jubistan people. So the Kolarks from whole of the nation were kicked out of their jobs and was forced to leave the states they were working in and go to their home state Kolark and stay there. Mob lynching of Kolarks became common when some Kolarks were not ready to give up their jobs because that was their only source to earn a living for their family. They were called terrorists and was mob lynched many times in some states.

Human right activist raised voices that this must stop, Kolarks are being framed. The Government said that the mob lynchers will be arrested and they shall be punished as per the law. The government arrests few mob lynchers which kept the Human Right Activist silent and also mob lynching stopped because the Governments plan was successful and Kolarks got scared to go out of their state.

The Kolarks went to their State Government and told them that we need jobs to feed our family. The State Government Party's name was Kolarks Party and most of the members were from Kolark, so they understood the situation and said that give us some time, no Kolarks need to go out of their home state to earn a living. We are making arrangements and generating jobs for the Kolarks. Meanwhile many Kolarks left Jubistan and went abroad to earn a living. Kolark Government planned foreign policy that influenced foreign investors which created jobs for the Kolarks.

Kolarks people started a revolution and started demanding Independence, so the Central Government arranges a meeting with the Kolark Government and asks them why are the Kolarks asking Independence from their own nation.

Kolark Government says we have brought a letter that was written by listening to the reasons of the Kolark people.

President Gurbaksh laughs and says a letter? Ok read.

CM of Kolark tells his Secretary to read it.

Secretary reads the letter-

Sir, we are not able to understand how Jubistan is our nation. Kolarks were mob lynched, fired from our jobs, kicked us out from the states we were working in. Kolarks have become afraid to visit other states. Kolarks are living in a closed boundary, it feels like a jail for us. This is why we need a separate nation so that we can live in peace and stop being afraid that there might be no tomorrow for us. Kolarks go to their bed scared. Kolarks don't want that, Kolarks need freedom from this.You all think us as rats, so the Kolarks begs you, please detach Kolark from Jubistan so that your beautiful nation doesn't get pollute.

The Central Government members kept smiling throughout the speech and President Gurbaksh said we won't do that, Kolark's land is Jubistan's land, if you don't want to live in Jubistan then go, nobody will stop you. There is no Independence, we won't divide this nation. Kolarks pollute everywhere they go, so it's best if you stay in Kolark and die in Kolark.

The Kolark Government members returns sadly and while returning someone asked the CM- Sir, what shall we do now and what are we going to say to the public.

CM- Thinks for a while and says it would be better if I tell them the truth.

Other members- Sir, don't you think there will be panic if we tell them this?

CM- They will understand, we have to stand united in the prevailing situation. God is with us.

CM was tensed so the members asked what is it sir that is making you tensed?

CM says in a low tone, I was thinking that we never acquired Freedom, first British ruled us and after Independence, it feels like we will never get to live in peace. I don't know how to deal the situation.

After hearing the news, the Kolarks were not ready to stop, they kept on protesting in Kolark peacefully and said we will keep on doing it until we get freedom. We also have the right to live freely. At first few news channels showed the protest in their channels but after few weeks they stopped showing because the news was not gathering any positive impact for the Kolarks. The protest in Kolark were completely ignored by the rest of the nation. Everything was going as per President Gurbaksh plan. But the Kolarks were not ready to stop, they said if we stop this now then our children's generation will also suffer the way we are going suffering right now which no Kolarks want. We will keep the protest on until we get FREEDOM from all these.

Throughout the 5 year term under President Gurbaksh, the Kolark protest was on and the Central Government never listened to them.

1991 election was won by JP, Mr. Ratul became the President and he made everything back to normal and Kolarks stopped asking for Independence and was allowed to move freely in Jubistan and work anywhere they like.

Mr. Gurbaksh kept on saying that these Kolarks must not come back or the blasts will again take place as it was done earlier. The supporters of Mr. Gurbaksh were with him on this and in the start of President Ratul's term people opposed the arrival of Kolarks back in the state. The blind supporters of JDP mob lynched few Kolarks, looking at this President Ratul passed a law in the Parliament that each and every mob lynchers will be given death penalty. This made the lynching stop.

Mr. Gurbaksh kept opposing the policies of President Ratul. There was a bomb blast in Telfark in a mall. 19 people died of which 5 were Kolarks. Mr Gurbaksh in an interview with press said see this is what I was warning for, Kolarks came back and only after a year we are seeing bomb blasts.

President Ratul in press conference said we will investigate on this and soon things will be under control.

After Police investigation, a team of 5 people was arrested and was found out that these people were normal citizens who fell prey to the hate against Kolarks.

JDP kept losing the elections until 2006, and until 2006 under the rule of JP, Jubistan had seen 10 bomb blasts and many bomb blasts were not traced to this day.

This was the second time Mr. Gurbaksh became the President and Kolarks got scared that the past may repeat again. President Gurbaksh in the start of his term in the Press conference said that my party will find out who/which terrorist organisation did the bomb blasts that happened since 1991 to 2005. I am making a team that will investigate it.

Within a year, the team killed the terrorist who made the blasts. And President Gurbaksh disclosed in the press conference that the terrorist were Kolarks and soon it became the prime talk for weeks. Many Human Right Activist and Kolarks said that we are being framed again.

President Gurbaksh in the Press conference said- See the continuous bomb blasts took place in the past when the Kolarks started coming back. My decision was good when I put the ban on Kolarks to leave their state which stopped the blasts in Jubistan. But under JP's rule, they removed the ban and everyone have seen the result. It must be very clear to everyone by now who are doing these bomb blasts. I am proposing that they go back to Kolark again so that everyone can live in peace.

Press conference- Yesterday we did an opinion poll regarding Kolarks going back to their state and majority of people voted this as partiality.

President Gurbaksh- That's your say, I speak for the interest of the people, and I said what I thought right for public's interest.

Press Conference- Mr. President, since your team has already killed those terrorist who made the blasts, then is there a need of doing anything like that?

President Gurbaksh- There's no saying that the blasts might not happen again, prevention is better than cure. See I made my point and I am not forcing this on people, if people think it's right then they will know what I am talking about and if they think I am talking non-sense then they will surely deny this thought of mine.

Preasident Gurbaksh thanks and Press conference was over.

Most of the public this time didn't agree to the President's conference and thought we should not do things that leaves a bad impact on our children's generation.

31st December 2009, group of friends on a tea stall are talking.

Friend1- See, it's been 3 years since JDP's rule and no blasts has been seen yet, remember I use to say this Government is best for Jubistan.

Friend2 denies Friend1 and says JDP had been doing the blasts so that they can come back in power.

Freind1- Angrily don't you dare put allegations on the Government, no Government will do such a thing just to come in power.

Friend1- Tell me one thing, why was the previous Government not able to catch the terrorist who did the blasts and this Government within one year after coming to power not only catches the terrorist but also killed them?

Friend2 sarcastically said- Simple, JP's party wasn't a able Government to stop such task.

Suddenly there was a blast in a building near those friends, they rush there and see chaos and people shouting for help.

Soon in the news, reports of 7 similar blasts came. Public got scared and Government announced people to stay indoors.

After few days when the Government was not able to track who did all the attacks, news media started to raise questions and Government was mouth shut as they failed to keep their promise.

After a week, President Gurbaksh called for a Press Conference and said- Look, this press conference is not called for answering your questions, every reporters started asking why? President says please calm down and listen to what I have to say. Everyone in the press conference calms down.

President Gurbaksh says it looks good now, today I am here to announce that people of Jubistan doesn't have to be scared, this last week we have planned to infiltrate all the terrorist organisation from this nation once and for all. Tomorrow I will come live and I want public to be with me on this.

9th January, 2010.

At 8.00 PM President Gurbaksh came live and said we have traced all the terrorist organisation who had been performing blasts till now. I am announcing 48 hour nationwide curfew, i.e., from 11th January to 12th January and I request every citizen to go back to their home town until we infiltrate the terrorist organisation once and for all. Entire services of the nation will remain shut during the curfew. Lets us all stand united in this together for a better tomorrow for our children. President Gurbaksh thanks and the live feed was over. 

Everyone followed the words of President Gurbaksh and obeyed as told for the great of good.

Watching the news, at night Harshat's mother called Harshat who lives in Dubai with his uncle Baresh. Harshat's phone rings, he picks up the call and says hello.

Harshat's mother in a low tone asks How are you son?

Harshat- I am fine mom, are you okay? you are sounding low to me.

Harshat's mother- I am fine son, I was having some bad vibes so I thought to call you.

Harshat- Tell me what is it?

Harshat's mother- Today Mr. President came live to announce nationwide curfew for a day to infiltrate all the terrorist organisation.

Harshat- It could be dangerous to, you guys come to Dubai until everything settles down.

Harshat's mother- We can't do that now, all the flight booking are off now and phone lines will also be dead until the curfew is lifted. That's why I called you today to say not to worry we will be safe.

Harshat- You don't understand mom, don't forget President is not a good person for the Kolarks, if he has announced curfew then surely there is a huge loss coming for the Kolarks. I don't want to lose you all. I love you.

Harshat's mother- We love you too son. Don't worry everything will be fine, saying this phone call automatically disconnects.

Harshat tries to call back several times, he gets tensed and every time he tried to call he heard " Phone lines are temporarily dead until 12th because of the curfew, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused".

12th January, 2010.

At midnight, in Kolark, when everyone was sleeping peacefully, a large mob wearing black clothes and their mouths were covered with black masks having guns and petrol in their hands enters the most populated colony of Kolark. Arya( in his early 20s) lives in the same colony in a building on the third floor who was not feeling sleepy so he thought of having a cigarette before he sleeps. He goes to his balcony to smoke, from their he notices a large mob silently entering the colony. He smells something worst is about to take place this night. He grabs his phone and tries to call police for help, but he notices there was no signal on his phone. He silently goes back to his room and starts to think nervously what should I do now. He started to sweat and silently wakes up his brother Aryan, sister in law and their child who was 5 years old.

Aryan wakes up and looks towards his brother and asks what is it, why are you sweating, do you have fever?

Aryan asks his wife Sakshi to turn on the lights.

Arya stops her from turning the lights.

They hear the loud sounds of firing. Aryan shockingly asks what is going on? The baby gets scared and hugs his mother tightly. Sakshi tenders him saying shhh shhh it's okay, it's just the sound of crackers just the sound of crackers, shh shhh...

Arya in a low voice tells them there is a mob attack going on out there and we have to leave now.

Aryan started to sweat and nodes ok let's go. 

Arya goes to the kitchen and grabs few knives and they go out of their flat. Aryan notices the mob is progressing in the building and they have reached the second floor. Aryan and his family runs towards the lift, his neighbour stops them and tells them don't go for the lifts, they may be coming through lift, we should use the stairs, come with us, let's go.

All of them reaches the terrace safely. Many people were already on the terrace. after they reach they shut the doors of terrace.

Aryan asks his neighbour- Do you know who are they, why are they doing this?

Neighbour- No, we don't have time to figure this out now. We can't stay here longer, it's only a matter of time before they reach here and start killing everyone.

Aryan- Where should we go now? We are on the terrace, we can't go down.

Neighbour- Yeah I know, let's figure out. Aryan you come with me and you all stay here.

Aryan and his neighbour looks down from the terrace to know the condition of the situation. They see few people from the mob waiting at the entrance of the building.

Neighbour to Aryan- See we have to get out of this building fast, we don't have much time. We have to reach local police station for help.

Aryan- How will we do that, I mean the mob is everywhere on the streets.

Neighbour- I know, but we have to take our chances. They have entered from the front entrance that means the attached building has not been attacked now. They are in this building now, so it will take time for them to reach their. We have to jump to the terrace of that building.

Aryan- Jump?

Neighbour- Yes, don't worry it's a 2 foot jump, we can make it, see people are going. Come let's go.

Aryan and his neighbour's family jumps from one terrace to another. After jumping, Aryan asks everyone is fine? Neighbour says come on, hurry we have to get out of this building before they progress on us.

All of them gets out the building safely. Aryan tells we should take the east road , it's a shortcut to reach police station.

Neighbour- Alright, let's go and everyone keep your eyes open.

All the people in the crowd starts to walk for the police station, after walking a few distance the mob sees them and starts firing, Aryan and his neighbour quickly hides in an open drain near them. The mob killed many and many got scattered and ran to save their lives. Aryan saw the mob is staking the dead bodies they just killed and puts petrol on them and burnt them right there and they started laughing and firing in air. Aryan got scared looking at this and when the mob left the place they got out of the drain, his family looks the dead bodies burning, Aryan says don't look there, come we have to go and they start walking safely towards the police station.

They were walking down a dark street where all the street lights were fused except one which was going on and off. On the other end of the street, they saw mob and the quickly hid in the gaps of the building. The mob didn't notice their presence because of the darkness. Aryan and his neighbour saw the mob firing on police. They waited for the mob to pass. When the mob passed, they got out and starts walking again and takes a turn on the road, a single guy who was roaming away from mob comes face to face and both of them gets shocks, the neighbour holds him quickly and shuts his mouth from his hand and tells Aryan to grab the guy's gun and they kill him. Suddenly they hear a gunshot and the neighbour falls on the ground, Aryans looks there was another alone guy from the mob who fired the shot, that guy tries to fire another shot on Aryan but he was out of bullets, Aryan tries to catch him but fails to do so.

Neighbour's family starts to cry, Aryan says we have to move, we have almost reached the Police Station. His wife nodes no and says leave me with my husband. Aryan grabs his wife hands and says I am sorry, come lets go, think about your little son, please. She agrees to go with them.

They reach the Police Station and they saw the mob was burning the Police Station and shooting the police and throwing them in the fire alive too and were shouting "KILL THE RATS, CLEAN THE HOUSE". Aryan and rest of the members shocks seeing this, a guy from the mob sees them and he shouts see there are people, let's hunt them down. Aryan and rest of the members runs to save their life but the mob catches them, Aryan requests to let go the children instead mob puts petrol on them and burns the children alive and then they burnt everyone. The mob started to make a loud howling sound, hearing this every members of the mob started to leave the colony.

13th January 2010.

Army reaches the colony at dawn after the mob left. They saw houses burning, fully and partially burnt dead bodies lying on roads, people crying and shouting for help. Army took the survivors to the nearby hospital and started gathering the dead bodies. After the attack, the colony looked like a war zone.

Nationwide Curfew was lifted, media houses came and ran the horrifying news, activist stood up and started questioning the government. Another day passed and army was still gathering the dead bodies. Government spokesperson in a news channel said enquiry is being done, we are looking into the matter, culprits will not be spared. Have faith! Everything will be fine.

Anchor- We are getting reports that CCTV cameras were not working that night.

Spokesperson- You don't have to tell us that, we know it was hacked, we are looking on it too. No one has to worry, situation is under control.

Anchor- Why is President silent on this?

Spokesperson gets a call and he says I am really sorry, I have to go, it's urgent, we will do this later to the anchor and leaves.

On 13th morning, Harshat in Dubai was sitting on his sofa when he saw the news about what happened in Kolark, the news shocked him, tears came out of his eyes, he didn't move from the sofa until his uncle came and touched him from back and asked what happened, I have been calling your name out you didn't replied?

Harshat looks back to his uncle, his uncle notices tears in his eyes. Harshat points his finger towards the TV saying only Kolark in a very low voice. His uncle gets tensed hearing the news and runs to his room to grab his phone and tries calling Harshat's father several times but the call was not connecting.

The same moment call his travel agent and told him to book the first flight going to Jubistan. Harshat's uncle hears him and tells him you are not going there, atleast not alone.

Harshat says no, I alone have to go and I don't want you to accompany me, I can't afford to lose this family too.

Harshat's uncle- And we don't you to lose you either.

Harshat- I promise I will return soon and safely, saying this he goes to his room to pack few clothes.

Harshat's Uncle sits on sofa and tries to stop him by saying at least think about us and stay until the situation is better or let me also go.

Harshat comes out of his room with a bag in his hands, sits on the floor near his uncle and holds his uncle's hands and in a low voice says uncle, please let me go, I want to know if they are okay or they left us alone. Tears came out of Harshat's uncle eyes hearing this. Harshat again says please uncle please let me go. Harshat's uncle looks towards him and puts his hand on Harshat's head and in a low voice only says return home safely.

Harshat leaves for the airport. He takes the flight to Jubistan. He reaches his colony in Kolark on 14th morning. There he saw smokes coming out, everything was burnt, army was gathering the dead bodies. Looking at this, Harshat ran to his house and saw his parent's house was burnt too. He enters the house and sees nothing was left except one family photo which was half burnt and half left, he grabs the photo frame and comes out of the house and looks around, he notices one army guy, he goes to him and asks can you please tell me where the bodies were taken to?

Army guy- Yes, all the bodies are being sent to the local government hospital.

Harshat says thank you and leaves for the hospital. He reaches there and starts to look for his family. The hospital was crowded because of the bodies and the people looking for their families.

An announcement was made at the hospital- All the people who are looking for their families dead bodies are advised to go to the blood counter, nurses will take blood samples, your names and contact number so that we can match the DNA of the dead bodies with you. This is necessary because most of the dead bodies brought here are not recognisable. We know this is heart breaking but this is the only way left to hand over the bodies. Please have strength and cooperate with us. Submit blood samples and leave the hospital we will contact you when your beloved family member is found.

People did as told and left the hospital after submitting the sample.

The dead bodies kept coming to the hospital for four days. The center informed the hospital not to disclose the count of dead bodies until told to do so. When the media asked the hospital about how many people have died in the curfew, they said the government has told us not to disclose the details.

Media- Why?

Hospital- We don't know that, ask the government, and please let us work.

After few days, Harshat gets an unknown call, he picks it up. The call was from the government hospital. They said his parents body has been identified and told to come tomorrow at 10.00 Am to collect the body.

Harshat collects the body after signing the handing over papers. His parents body was lying on the stretcher. He asked where is my little sister's body. She was 12 years old. We don't know, We matched your parents DNA with all the children's bodies, there was no match. It could mean she may be alive or her dead body is missing. Nurse says sorry for your loss and leaves.

Harshat removes the covered cloth from his parents body to see their face. The body was non- recognisable, it left him frozen. The same moment his phone vibrates in his pocket, he takes it out and sees it was a call from his uncle Baresh. He thinks for a bit and decides not to answer the call.

Harshat performs his parents funeral and starts to look for his sister. His uncle called him daily but he keeps on ignoring the call. After looking for weeks, he failed to find her. The other day he was sitting depressed on a bus stop to go to the hospital once again to enquire about his sister, he thinks it's useless now, she is also gone, I should also join them in death and decides to commit suicide. He sees a bus was coming. so he stands up and walks in the middle of road, before the bus hits him, someone pulled him off the road saving him. He scolds him are you mad? why are you doing this?

Harshat looks at him depressed and says nothing. He takes his mobile out and calls someone and says my name is Nirash, connect me to the Bikash. Bikash takes the call and says yes Nirash.

Nirash- I just saved someone who was about to commit suicide and I think he lost everything like we all did. I am bringing him there.

Bikash- Ok bring him to us.

Nirash takes Harshat to his group. Reaching there, they offer Harshat meal and tell him to rest. The other day Harshat tells everything he suffered till now. Bikash tells him we have also lost everything that curfew. Bikash asks do you have anyone left? Harshat replies no after thinking for few seconds. Bikash- ok, we are helping people like you to live life again, you can stay here and work with us if you want. Harshat nodes ok and they kept finding and helping people like Harshat.

On 5th May 2010, a news came that all the mob members have been killed who planned the Kolark colony's attack during the curfew. A video also went viral that day, the video said- I am one of the member of the mob group who was present in the colony during the curfew, we did it on the orders of the Government. The Government is killing us now( sounds of firing was heard in the background of the video) so that the real culprits never come to light. I am sorry for what I have done. I know that the government will kill me, I may not live to ask for forgiveness that's why I am asking here for forgiveness. I am sorry Kolarks. Forgive me. He looked sacred and was crying during the entire video.

6th May 2010.

Bikash and his group was watching news. It was President Gurbaksh's first interview after the curfew.

Anchor- Today we have with us Mr. President. He is here to answer all the questions related to the recent happenings in Jusbistan. Anchor looks towards President and tells him we have a video, we want you to see this.

President says ok go on play it. Anchor plays the viral video. President sees the video and smiles. Anchor asks what's your say on this? 

President- Yesterday we killed all the members of the mob, and this video is just a made up video that I am presuming opposition did for the upcoming elections. Enquiry will be done on the authenticity of this video.

Anchor- Yeah sure, and the enquiry will not be manipulated, right?

President replies sarcastically no it will not be manipulated.

Anchor moving on to the another question- How many people died that curfew?

President- We can't disclose it right now.

Anchor- Why? it's almost going to be 4 months now.

President- See, it's not about how many months it has been, it's about the number of people died that day and the count is not over yet, we are still finding dead bodies from that colony. What I can tell is the number is huge and day by day number is getting added, disclosing the number of death might bring foreign loss to Jubistan which I severely don't want.

Anchor- But people need to know.

President- I know what people need to know, I am their President. What I did that day was good for Jubistan.

Anchor- What do you mean Sir by this? You did the mob attack?

President- No, I didnt said that, you are manipulating my response now. President gets angry and says that's it no more questions, I am leaving.

President leaves saying this.

Bikash's group sees this and feels sad and says how can anyone be so cruel. Harshat interrupts Bikash and says how many men and women we have?

Bikash- Why?

Harshat- I am fucking going to kill him.

Bikash- Don't even think about it, doing this, he will get an excuse to wipe us out by declaring terrorist. Let's not give him this opportunity.

Harshat- You really think that this is over? No, this will not end until that President is dead. If we don't do this then he will keep on killing us. Trust on me I will find a way to kill him and take our independence too.

NIrash steps forward and says we should do this, I am with Harshat on this. Others also agrees and asks what's the plan Harshat.

Harshat- Let's plan.

11 People were present in that room including Harshat while Bikash and Harshat was having this discussion.

All of them closed themselves in a room for 6 days, made few videos and planned the execution. Before going in the room, Bikash told rest of the members of the group not to disturb them until we come out, leave the food and water for 11 people outside the door. Group asked what is it about?

Bikash- Did you all see the President's interview today?

Group- Yes.

Bikash- We are going to kill him for what he did to us so that our next generation doesn't have to suffer what we suffered. We are now 209 in numbers, add as many people as you all can till we come out of the room. Before I ask are you all with us on this, I want you to be clear on one thing. What we are about to do is gonna cost our lives, everyone's life. "Our death will be our people's freedom". So are you all with us on this?

Members of the group shouts loud with confidence- Yes.

The group starts gathering people for the cause and tell them the plan. The group had gained significant increase in the numbers in 6 days.

Members of the group was waiting for them to come out. After 6 days, 10 people came out. Someone from the group asked where is Harshat. BIkash replied he died discussing the plan ( it was a lie that Harshat told Bikash to tell them so that Harshat will stay safe and will execute another plan if this plan fails). Many from the group asked How did he die.

Bikash makes an excuse by saying it doesn't concern us now, he is dead, we should discuss the plan now. Bikash discusses the plan with the group, makes few teams, gives them videos, tells them what to do with the video, when to upload the video and tells them to keep killing the people, until the "President Kills Himself On Live Stream". If the President doesn't kill himself after the first attack then the second team will attack as discussed and so on.

Let's Gain What Our People Is Missing-"HAPPINESS"


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