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World of this unknown disaster

We are living 

an have lived  in from beginning of time.

All the past events complete more an more 

of the Plandemic.

From WW I to WW 2.

Concepts needs relate to the generations.

From all of the 1G to 5G.

“Nothing” for anyone to see,


open your mind.

Plandemic is our history 

“Here an Now.”

For the milliniums of future.

Plandemic has been part of our history as well.

History is what...all events from past to present to future.

Humanity Intentions Secrets Truth Order Rewritten Years.

From Generations to Generations.

From Centuries to Centuries.

We all Fall victums to even more an more 

to the beast systems,

From Past to  Here to Now to the future.

When the “Past” generations warned us all 

those who did not pay attention to history

How many wish they would of now?

Cosmo Rewrite,

History Rewrite,

Domino effect,

Ripple effect,

This an That gate.

Pattern Landscapes Areas Nations

mapped out.

From Data to Scans to DNA

for what purpose?

Now that it only can get worse 

as generations an centuries an years go forward in time.

Is the Scary Thought?

All that is an was...will ever be...

make you think if it in the past,

to think it  bad now,

What is still to come as future continues​?

Will it be intersteller arks we all are on?

A bubble of our own space?

Will we be computer programs?

Are we all aready assumed Bots?

Adam was molded out of dirt,

Eve was molded out of Adams rib,

So think about that?

Mold of Adam from Dirt,

From the ground we are all recycled back into eventually.

Molded from Adam Rib...

Where did the bone come from?

Dinosaurs were before humans

so are we part of other species

Does this make us Aliens in our shells of bodies?

When bone breaks or shaddereds:

What happen to it....?

Becomes dust partcles.

But yet Animals were before human,

We are considered Mammels.

We are Animals not just humans.

Science was broaught into effect from 

a tiny sperm that is replica of a tadpole.

Embro of egg formed to become a fetus.

So is this how Science was formed from the beginning?

Creation of the Galaxies,

Creation of the Planets,

Art, formed through the images 

of one who is the creator of all things

great an small.

Like the chain link of effect,

linked to all one way or another.

Does a link ever really end?

3D to 4D to 5D 

Graphics Animations to A.I. Masterpieces

Assemblies of clonings.

More advance we have become

only more advance we will be.

More advance the World an Galaxy an Loop Holes 

will become.

“Endless cycle of the Secret Pattern of Life” 

that has been in the creaters mind

for BC to AD to years an years of 

developing as in today an the future.

Just think of most precious time of your reality?

Things seem as dreams an nightmares,

What is True or What is Untrue?

Falsehood of lies to lies of falsehood.

When your asleep how do you know your not really awake,

When your really awake your not really asleep?

Concept of reality is what to each individual?

Are we mindcraft by some big unknown creator?

Are we all superhuman in one or another?

With all the tech of today an yesterday an past years,

You never know what is?

As they say “Mind is a powerful thing.”

Why they disect our brains to gain intellengence

No 2 brains are alike,

No 2 orginal dna is alike,

No 2 people alike.

We are all individuals

We all are different for reasons

although we feel the same at some point in reality.

We can all look at one thing in so many prospective ways

to each different mind of the individual.

Eventually it all comes together to the same conclusion

at one time or another but never truly at the same time.

When one person see something

each individual has different takes.

But final outcome of situations or events

will be same at different times for that individual

in time an place.

We all experience “same” way but never really the same way.

Out looks of reality is different for each individual.

Always expect the unexpected!

Nothing around is to superising any more.

Think when we seen or scene it all,

Really have not!

So why so many Conspircy theorys?

What about that does it really matter at the end?

When we are standing together on that Alp

Looking over the “mess of the earth.”

When we can say

“We prevailed together.”

When we can say

“Time to rebuild an live to tell about it”

Make our own bible of testimonies we endouver

through the end times

of that century an generation.

“Let real freedom ring from our voices”

“We made Uptopia better then ever”

Stand Together as our Freedom

Live in Peace an Harmony

forever more.


  • Mahekk Baig

    Mahekk Baig


    May 16, 2020

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