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Ameira and Alyn were twins with two whole different personalities. Aryn, first born, loves sports, no matter what it is. Ameira on the other hand, is a creative artist and loves science. Sometimes, having two totally different personalities can get tricky. Like sharing a room for instance. Sportswear is everywhere, paint is spilling, it is just chaotic. 
One morning, at school, Ameira was getting picked on. That's just what it is in middle school. "Get out of my way." Jacey yelled. "Sorry." Ameira walked away. 
Ameira always knew something was up with her when she hit her brother across the street. 
"So you're really gonna sit here and let them push you around?" Alyn was furious. "What can I do about it? Exactly. Nothing." Ameira explained. "You punched me across the street. You can go over there and bash that girls head in. I have your back anyway." Ameira thought long and hard about this. She marched over to Jacey and punched her In the back of the head. She lay on the floor, appearing to be.. dead? 


  • nice story

    May 15, 2020

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