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Hey Alex, you’re the only one 

I been searching for you are the person 

I want in my life always 

 you been very sweet to me before 

I had met you

I thought I'm never going to find true love I’m very happy to end up with you. 

Why you’re important to me? 

Hey Alex, I’m not like other girls who always 

reject you I never do they’re hard on you

look at the bright side, I’m easy on you 

I’m your girlfriend that you truly want 

let me be inside your heart. 

Could you let me be inside you?

Open up about your past 

tell me how you truly feel 

I want to love you, 

give you my loving heart 

put everything inside me 

I’m here to listen. 

How could they treat you like this? 

Hey Alex, I want to be your angel 

if you feel want to cry 

I want to give you my shoulder,

let yourself drop onto my capable hands

whatever you’re feeling down I’m here for you,

touch your back softly give you my teddy bear cuddle. 

Do you trust me? 

Hey Alex, let your guard down feel the magic middle of the night sitting on a bench with me 

close your eyes, and I close mine slowly our lips touch with each other you’re my boyfriend I want to love you. 

Why you have to be so afraid? 

Hey Alex, I will always be your girlfriend until you’re ready to propose my hand in marriage, I would promise you I will wait calmly 

until you are ready. 

Wish our dream come true?

I always love you forever and always 

I promise I would learn from my mistake 

never do it ever again. 


  • Carrollton Wolf

    Carrollton Wolf

    So astonishing😢👍

    May 15, 2020

  • May 18, 2020

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