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Hug me tightly, baby,
 Let the swirling waters pass over us.  
To be only one soul, 
In these difficult times. 

 Hold me tight, baby, 
Telll me you're staying here.
  Kiss my cold lips, 
Then, please, don't disappear. 

 Hold me tight in your arms, baby, 
To barely breathe,
 Because for a lifetime 
I'm hungry for your wonderful touch.  

Hold me in your arms, darling,
 And let me live there, 
Even if the stones wil fall over us, 
Don't push me away.

  Hug me tightly baby, 
Don't count the time on the watch, 
Hug me for an hour, 
A lifetime you can hug. 

 Hug me baby,
 To feel you in my arms, 
And when we are about to die, 
Let our hearts to die embraced.


  • May 14, 2020

  • May 14, 2020

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