Tales Of The Princess Boy Chapter 5 Read Count : 23

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Prince Clef looks shocked about what Ami said.

‘Is it true, was I afraid?’ asked Prince Cleph.

Prince Cleph has a flashback of all his times with Jay.

Then, Prince Cleph looks at the time Jay confesses to him.

Back to the present.

‘Was I so scared that I thought rejecting him was the best option?’ asked Prince Cleph in his head.

Prince Cleph looks back at the flashback, where he lets go of Jay’s hand and says “We’ll always be friends”.

“I see”, said Jay, then walked away.

The next flashback shows Jay at night stealing stuff, then the next day people talking about it.

“Jay, you have to stop, people are thinking there’s a bandit out there”, said Prince Cleph.

“Don’t act like you care about me”, said Jay.

“I’ve always cared about it,'' said Prince Cleph.

Jay pats Prince Cleph on the head, and says “Don’t say things, you don’t mean”.

Jay disappears.

In the present, Ami sees how Prince Cleph is truly feeling.

“It’s not too late to go after him, tell him before he disappears again”, Ami insisted.

“But, what if I mess up again?” asked Prince Cleph.

“Take that chance”, Ami says with passion.

Prince Cleph runs to where Diamond Jay would be.

“Why help him? If they get together, your kingdom will be attacked and we will be in war”, asked the head guard, who appeared out of the shadows.

“Because he’s my friend and I always want to help my friend”, said Ami.

Prince Cleph enters an empty room, where he sees Diamond Jay.

“Hey, Cleph, I heard everything”, said Diamond Jay, with the moonlight reflecting his body.

“Jay, I'm sorry, I didn’t realize I hurt you so much; when I wanted to protect”, said Prince Cleph, then Diamond Jay hugged him.

“I wanted the same”, said Diamond Jay.

“So”, said Prince Cleph.

“So, should you really leave that guy in a dress all alone?” asked Diamond Jay.

“He insisted I come here to you”, said Prince Cleph.

“True, but I wonder if he has a sweetheart”, said Diamond Jay.

“I don’t think so, only a select few actually know that he is a he”, said Prince Cleph.

Diamond Jay kisses Prince Cleph under the moonlight.

Back at Ami.

“I hope they are happy”, said Ami.

The head guard unlocks the cell and takes Ami’s hand, leading him through the hallway.

“Wait, where are we going?” asked Ami.

“Away from here, I know a safe place”, said the head guard.

“But, why are you helping me?” asked Ami.

“I hate seeing people like you so miserable”, said the head guard.

Ami looks shocked and is led to a shed.

“What if the other guards or the king or queen find me?” asked Ami.

“Don’t worry, I have a plan”, said the head guard, then opened the entrance of the stairs.

“Follow me”.

“First, what’s your name?” asked Ami.

“Don. Don Junefield”, said the head guard, with a smile.

Ami walks down the stairs and sees a man who has black hair sticking out, wearing a white suit.

“Hello, Prince Ami or do you prefer Princess Ami?” the man smiled.

“Just Ami, I hate formalities”, said Ami.

“You seem nicer than I expected”, said The man. “My name is Shawn”.

“No, royalty is your blood?” asked Ami.

“I’m Prince Cleph’s long lost brother”, said Shawn.

“Does his parents?” asked Ami.

“They do and they tried to lock me up and tried to send me away, but Don helped me”, said Shawn.

“What about Prince Cleph?” asked Ami.

“He knows, thanks to Jay, you know I got to love that kid, but I also hate that he put my brother through so much trouble”, said Shawn. “Anyway”.

Shawn takes a piece of Ami’s hair and puts it into a cauldron.

The cauldron exploded, but there was no sound, just green goo everywhere.

“Don’t worry, it’s not acid or any harmful chemical”, Shawn reassures Ami and Don

But, Ami wasn’t listening, instead he was looking at the clone of him that came from the cauldron.

“In order to escape they need to think you are still here, so I decided to have Shawn clone you. Ami, meet Ami”, Don explained to Ami.

“Whoa! Don, you have to be the greatest man I met”, said Ami, surprised.

“Thank you, now you go before the guards get on duty, I’ll take your doppleganger to the cell”, said Don.

"Okay", said Ami, then exits out of the shed.

Ami sees a horse and jumps on it and rides away.


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    Carl Shuck

    Interesting solution to a tough problem, i love it!!! 💞👍

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