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Veronica is that one girl in school, you know.. the "popular" one. And that's her. She has a lot of friends, rich parents, basically anything a high school girl would dream of having. 
Prom was around the corner, so Veronica had to prepare.
She bought a nice sparkly dress with matching accessories, got a hair appointment, and even managed to get a date. Although she knew she would win prom queen, because everyone adores her, she had great competition. Aryan. The states all time pageant queen. So what else could a jealous girl do? She rigged the votes. 
Veronica stole the voting box and changed all the names, spread rumors about people dates, and even tried to BRIBE the principle. 
The day came, and things were getting intense.
Her and her date were having fun until the principle got on stage to pronounce the prom king and queen. 
"And the winner is.. Aryan!" The school claps, music was playing, Aryan was being awarded the crown.. things couldn't stay this way. Veronica rushed out to the car and shot up the whole school. 
Days later, she went to an insane asylum and went to jail for life. Clearly, Veronica isn't a great looser..


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