Little Bobby Works For A Drug Cartel Read Count : 25

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When Bobby Jackson was a little boy, his parents did everything in their power to protect their son's innocence. When it came to drugs, they identified each one as a flavor of ice cream. Little Bobby took his parents word seriously, I mean if you can't trust your parents then who can you trust? As Little Bobby grew older, he ended up getting a job and moving out of the Jackson's home and into his own apartment in the city. He didn't communicate with Mr.& Mrs. Jackson too often, as most children don't once they move out of their parents house. Little Bobby was doing pretty well on his own. On one sunshiny day, Mrs. Jackson was cleaning the house when the phone rang. When she answered, she was surprised to hear the voice on the other end of the phone.

"Hello, Jackson residents." She answered 

"Hi Mom." Bobby said to his mother. 

"My little Bobby! What a pleasant surprise!" The excited Mrs.Jackson replied to her son "you haven't called in a while, how've ya been, honey?"

"I'm fine, mom, that's why I called. I've been super busy with my job and all that." 

"Oh that reminds me, what's your job again? I'm surprised I don't know yet." She curiously wondered. 

"I sell ice cream." Bobby filled her in

"Really? Awww that is so adorable, you always loved making people happy." Proud of her son's accomplishment.

"Yeah I met up with an old high school buddy a while back and I overheard him saying that he sold cocaine to somebody so I figured that I'd join in." He explained to his mother. 


"Yeah he was an ice cream salesman and he made lots of money from it, so I became one too."

" sell drugs?" She questioned in an angry manner. 

"What? No, I sell ice cream, all the best flavors. I sell heroin, cocaine, marijuana and all the other flavors too. They don't look like ice cream, but they are."

"But those are all drugs." 

"No they aren't, you said so yourself when I was nine." He lashed out 

"I said that, because you weren't old enough to know what drugs were yet." Mrs. Jackson said to her son.

"Oh, that's funny! That's like something out of a sitcom plot or an after school special. You learn something new every day I guess, bye mom.


  • May 14, 2020

  • May 14, 2020

  • May 18, 2020

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