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The episode opens with Clay walking with Nissho: a boy who has short blonde hair, wearing sunglasses on his head, red shirt, blue jeans, with his arm around Clay.

"Clay, question what is your sexuality?" asked Nissho.

"Why do you want to know?" asked Clay, coldly.

"Because I noticed you were checking out my friend", said Nissho.

Clay smiles.

Nissho moves his arm from Clay's shoulder, and says "No denying it".

"Why would I deny it? it's just one sided love, I know he is straight", said Clay, with a sinister smile as she turns around to look at Nissho.

The screen switches to Nissho upside down in a trash can and Clay walking away, while drinking a smoothie.

"That wasn't the wisest thing to do, after all you could be kicked out if you get into one more fight", said Lucy, with her body not being scene.

"In school, but we're outside of school", Clay corrected Lucy, as he turned around to see her. "Besides that's not the reason you wanted to talk to me".

"Always clever", said Lucy. "Why did I come?"

"You wanted to know if I really do have a crush on a guy and who, right?" said Clay.

"True", said Lucy. 

"Well, I don't see how that is your business, but here's the picture", said Clay, then threw a pic to Lucy, who caught it with two fingers.

Clay continues to walk away.

Lucy looks at the picture and sees a boy who has curly blonde hair, wearing a golden shirt, blue jeans drawing on a canvas.

"It's Utsumi", said Lucy, shocked.

"I would've never guessed", said Teddy.

Teddy has short silver hair, wearing a star barrette with a bowling ball hat, brown tracksuit, bear ears, and white shoes.

"Teddy! How long were you here?" asked Lucy, surprised.

"Not long, guys, we're over here", said Teddy.

The screen shows Lily: a girl who has long brown curly hair, wearing a short black dress, and black heels, and Sam: a boy who has short blue hair, wearing a dark green suit and dark green heels walks to Lucy and Teddy.

"He likes him, hmmm, I wonder if we can use that against him", said Sam, with a sneaky  smile.

The screen switches to Clay sitting in a chair, then goes to Utsumi painting on a canvas, and Utsumi says "Just hold still, I'm almost done".

'Such a sweet boy', thought Clay.

"Announcement everybody here's a recording from the student Clay Sato", said Sam.

The recording turns after the beep.

"You like Utsumi", said Nissho.

"I don't see how that's any of your business", said Clay.

"You're not denying it", said Nissho.

"Why would I deny it? It's only one sided", said Clay.

Utsumi turns around to Clay, and says "Clay".

Clay punched into the wall, leaving a hole, and said "They will pay".

"Clay, is it true?" asked Utsumi, innocently.

Clay puts his head down, smiles, and says "You should pick better friends".

Clay walks away, Utsumi grabs Clay's hand.

"Please let go, I know you don't feel the same", said Clay, with his head down.

"That might be true, but if I let you go, you will get into a fight, and I don't want you to get kicked out of school", said Utsumi, still holding onto Clay's hand.

Clay sighs, turns around to Utsumi, Utsumi backs up to the wall, and Utsumi says "Clay, wait".

The screen shows Clay kisses on the lips, gives a smile, and says "Thanks for caring, but I'm not to be trusted with you".

Clay makes Utsumi let go of his hands and walks out of the room.

Utsumi puts his finger to his lip, and looks shocked.

Back to the present.

"That's my story", said Clay.

"So, that's the first guy, you were interested", said Nanako.

"But, did you two talk after that?" asked Kae, interested.

"Yes, but it was during a dance, I was dateless. But, he was with the most popular girl: Takamoto Hikari", said Clay. "He was apologizing about not calling or texting for a while, obviously I told him it was no big deal, he smiled, and offered me his new phone number".

Clay shows a piece of paper, and says "And we are still friends to this day".

Nanako and Kae look at the phone number.

"I dated a bunch of guys, and didn't think about it, though I will remember that he was my first love", Clay smiled.

"Would it?" asked Kae.

"It wouldn't have, I respect him as a friend too much", said Clay. "But, I don't regret that kiss".

"Was that your first kiss?" asked Nanako.

"Knowing this guy, I doubt it", said Shima.

Clay laughs, almost sounding evil.

"Ironically, it's true, but I didn't give the kiss, the kiss was given to me", said Clay, then reaches for his bag. "Hang on, I have the picture".

Clay takes a picture out of his bag and shows a person with curly silver hair, wearing a blue dress looking like from the 18th century being kissed by a guy wearing a red suit.

"That's me in the dress", said Clay, with a smile.

Shima, Nanako, and Kae look shocked.

"Why?" asked Nanako.

"Oh! We were doing a festival and the boys wanted be to dress as a girl, so I did it", said Clay.

"As I said Feminine", said Nozomi.

"True, I am feminine and I embrace it, which is what got me a good boyfriend and to have lots of fun", said Clay.

"Messing with you won't do anything, will it?" asked Yusuke.

"Not unless you want a little peck", said Clay, close to Yusuke's face. "And I got to say you are quite the looker".

Yusuke backed up.

The screen shows Clay with a dark aura, and Shima along with the other guys thought 'He's ruthless'.

"Why don't we arrange a date for us to meet?" asked Kae, on  a phone. "Okay, bye.

Kae hangs up.

"What day?" asked Clay.

"Saturday", said Kae.

"We're coming with", said Shima and the guys except Asuma.

Clay gets a message from his phone, and says "My boyfriend is coming as well, Utsumi texted him".

"How interesting, I wonder what he's like", said Asuma.

'Us too', thought Yusuke,Shima, Hayato, and Nozomi.

The episode ends.


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