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Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery
A girl is on her tablet watch YouTube. She has reddish brown hair, brown eyes, and she's in her pajamas. It's 12am, and her dad is working late, he'll probably get home at 2am. She then got a phone call. "Hello?" She said wondering who's there. "Is Roy home?" The man said. His voice was deep, and slow. It sounded like he had smoked for 12 years. "No, I think you may have the wrong number." She said. "I don't." He replied. "What's your name?" "Who are you?" She asked. "I asked first." He said. "You called me, so I should know." She replied. "Alright." He said. He then hung up.

Her door bell rung. She got up, and looked through the peephole, but no one was there. She then heard knocking at the back door. She walked down the narrow hallway, her feet pressing the wooden floor. She checked the back door, yet she couldn't see anyone; however she knew that the fence should had made sure no one go into her backyard. Her phone then rang again. "You said you wanted to know me, so open the door." He said. His voice sounded like it originally did, but with some static. "You're at my house?!" She asked. "I'm at the front door." He replied. "Go away or I'll call the police!" She said scared. "I'm so scared the cops will get me." He said. Then she heard the noise of smashing glass, it sounded like it came from behind her. She turned around, and saw the wind pushing a shade. 

She then ran up the stairs, the carpeting feeling nice against her feet. She hear a grunt, and someone walking on the wooden floor. As she turned to run up the other half of the stairs she hung up the phone. She then ran in her parents room, and locked the door behind her. The phone rung again. She hung up before answering. She then reached into the nightstand, grabbing her father's gun. 

I then got another phone call. I didn't answer, and called 911. As the phone rang I walked into my parents bathroom, and locked that door too. "911, what's your emergency?" The operator said. "There are people,trying to kill me. I live in barstow, billy street, the brick house, last one on the left." She said. "We'll send cops right away." The operator said. "I think there 2 killers. One was at my front door, while the other broke in through my back window." She continued. "They keep calling me." "They have your phone number?" The operator asked. "Yes." She said terrified. "Why didn't you let me in?! You said you wanted to know who I was!" One of the killer yelled. "Lucky someone let me in!" He no longer sounded like a smoker, he had a deep voice, but it was moist instead of crisp. 

"How long will it take?" She asked. "No longer then 10 minutes." The operator said. "Kate! Where are you!" The man said. "He knows my name." Kate said. Kate then heard someone walking up the steps. Then there was pounding on the door. The pounding turned into loud slamming, then it all stopped. After that I heard someone walking. Then the slamming went to the bathroom door. Then, music to my ears, the police had shown up. 

The slamming turned into running.


  • That was Intense! 👋

    May 14, 2020

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