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If her love for me was just an illusion,
It means I had hallucinations. 

If my blood flowing through her veins
Does not match with the red wine
Flowing from the bottle,
It means that I have so far
Only got drunk with cold water.

If the lipstick on her lips
Doesn't match with my black dress,
It means I've touched other hearts in between.

  If her love for me, for her, was just a joke,
It made me insane,
Because I smiled like crazy,
Without reason many times before.

  I fell asleep thinking of her
But I woke up with her in my arms,
Kissing my throat, saying :"Hello."

Sometimes love is a game of chess,
And as we know,
Not everyone is lucky enough to win
But at least we know the winner.

  If her love is a drug that can be lethal
In large quantities,
Let me take an overdose
Kissing her lips over and over again. 


  • May 14, 2020

  • May 14, 2020

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