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The episode shows the classroom, then shows Kae reading a book.

"Kae, you signed yourself up for the student exchange problem?" asked Amane, in front of Kae's desk.

"Yeah", said Kae. "I wanted to try something new, plus I heard this student is an otaku".

"That could be perfect, but you might want to be cautious, some otakus aren't into BL anime or manga", Amane warns Kae.

"Of course", said Kae.

"We don't even know if the student is a boy or girl, what if you're sharing your room with a boy?" Nozomi pointed out.

"But, personality is more important than if the person is a guy or girl", Shima pointed out. "Besides it's not like he or she is an old friend of Kae".

"That is true", said Yusuke.

'I wonder if me and the student will get along', thought Kae.

"Okay, everybody, I would like to introduce Clay Sato", said the teacher.

The screen shows a person who has silver hair in a ponytail, wearing a boy's uniform and blue shoes with a smile. 

Clay looks at the students and says "It's a pleasure to meet you all".

A sparkly aura spreads around the room as Clay smiles.

"Clay, your desk is the empty one by Amane", said the teacher, pointing to the desk.

"Okay", said Clay, then walked to his desk.

"Also, Kae Serinuma is the person you will be the person you are staying with", said The teacher, pointing to Kae, who's across from Amane's desk.

Clay puts his bag down, walks to Kae, holding out her hand, and says "Nice to meet you".

"You too, I hope we can become good friends", said Kae, shaking Clay's hand.

"Me too", said Clay.

The screen switches to Shima walking to Clay, as the students are leaving the classroom. 

"Hello, my name is Shima, Kae's friend", said Shima.

"Pleasure, you must be the rich girl, talented, and has a lot in common with Kae, am I right?" Clay figures out, showing a more sinister look.

"So, this is your true side", said Shima.

Clay smiles, flips a coin, and says "I have many layers, but don't worry I'm not a stereotypical person that wants to cause trouble".

"Overhearing what you said, I don't believe you", said Nozomi.

"I don't expect you to, after all 'We don't even know if the student is a boy or girl, what if you're sharing your room with a boy?' Wasn't that what you said, yes I heard it all", Clay tells Nozomi.

"You know I don't trust you, so what?" said Nozomi.

"Clay, you want to have lunch together?" asked Kae.

"Of course!" exclaimed Clay, with a smile.

Clay runs to Kae, and says "I read from your letter you like BL".

Kae nods.

"I do too", said Clay.

In the classroom.

"I feel trouble is brewing", said Nozomi.

"Clay, seems like an interesting person", said Kazume, in the shadows.

The screen switches to Kae having lunch with Clay, Hayato, Nozomi, Shima, Yusuke,and  Asuma .

"So, where are you from?" asked Yusuke.

"Guess", said Clay.

Yusuke looks closer, and says "You seem Japanese, we're your parents from here?"

"You're getting there", said Clay, looking at Yusuke.

"Were you living overseas or around here?" asked Shima.

"Wait, by the way he is eating, I'm guilty you lived here", said Hayato.

"Halfway", said Clay.

"You lived here, but you moved, then came back", said Kae.

Clay winks at Kae, and says "Bingo".

"Alright, different question, are you really a boy or cosplaying because you seem girlish", said Nozomi.

"How rude, I'm 100% a boy, though I don't always like especially around girls I have a lot in common with", said Clay, playing with Kae's hair.

"You have a playful personality, is that your real personality?", asked Shima.

"I have many personalities that describe me, and many words as well, I like bl, regular manga and anime, plus I like to mess with people", said Clay, showing his sinister side.

Kae looks confused as Clay, Shima, and the boys have a dark aura.

"But, I wouldn't mess with friends", Clay smiled at Kae. "We are friends after all".

"Of course", Kae smiles back.

'He got us', thought Shima and the boys.

The screen switches to Kae showing Clay her room.

"Whoa! This place is perfect", said Clay, surprised.

"You sure, it's not too much?" asked Kae, surprised.

"Of course not, you like these things, I appreciate that", said Clay.

'He is really nice, I don't know why Nozomi was worried', thought Kae.

A phone rings from Clay's pocket, he looks at his phone kind of shocked.

"Oh, it's my mom, I'll be right back", said Clay.

"Okay", said Kae.

Clay walks out of the room.

Kae sits down on her bed and looks at Clay's suitcase.

Outside, Clay is leaning against the wall of Kae's house.

"Yeah, I made it", said Clay.

"I'm sorry that you had to deal with your father, no, I was the worst. I just never expected for you to be in love with boys", said Clay's mother from the phone.

The screen shows Clay on one side and A woman who has long silver hair, wearing a black dress on the other side.

"It's okay, what happened to dad?" asked Clay, not showing his face.

"He got sent away, so I'm living with my sister", said Clay's mother.

"What happened, is she better?" asked Clay.

"She's much better, she actually has a three-year-old that loves wearing dresses with tiger ears and tiger tail, I'll send you a picture", said Clay's mother.

"Great, I'm glad you got to be happy", said Clay, playing with his hair.

"Don't act too cold to the people you are staying with and have fun at your new school, I also will visit at the end of the month", said Clay's mother.

"No problem, my boyfriend is here along with my old friends, also I found some boys and one girl to mess with", said Clay, with a smile.

"I hope that doesn't get you kicked out because of that", said Clay's mother.

"Of course not, I checked info on this school, and my playfully personality will be acceptable", said Clay, holding a rule book.

"Fine, hope you like your life there", said Clay's mother.

"Got it", said Clay.

Clay's mother hangs up.

The screen shows Clay walking in Kae's room, who's reading a manga.

Clay smiles.

'Yup, I'll be fine', thought Clay, while looking at Kae, then lay on Kae's bed back first and looked at the manga Kae is reading.

"How's your mother?" asked Kae.

"She's good", said Clay.

'I wonder what happened to his father', thought Kae, looking at Clay.

Clay gets up, looks at Kae, sensing her thoughts, Kae drops her books, and Clay kisses Kae on the forehead.

"I like you, Kae, and you don't have to worry about my life, it doesn't matter", said Clay, by Kae's ear, then hugs Kae.

Kae blushes as Clay hugs her.

The episode ends.


  • It was really good In my opinion

    May 13, 2020

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    Kanisha The Yaoi Lover

    thank you

    May 13, 2020

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