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On September sixteen 2019 I was with two of my 

other friends we are walking along the campus 

there’s something 

caught my attention, in my mind I thought 

what’s this all about I’m been so interested 

They say Do you all want to take a picture?”. 

I say to them sure of course”, we walk toward 

this area never knew her very well she walked up 

To us, and she took a picture of three of us. 

When I saw her she is so kind and sweet to me 

Her warm loving heart gradually. I feel. 

Comfortable around her, it’s make me want 

to walk towards her and she introduce herself 

to me and I introduce myself to her slowly

We begin get to know each other even more 

the day she met my mother in her eyes she 

was so kind and generous person, on 

September seventeen 2019 she invites me to the student union. At the enormous. 

Place full of chairs and table all around they 

they’re playing guess the drawing picture 

game, I open the door walk inside find a seat 

to join in nobody didn’t notice I was having 

Trouble with the concept of a game. I don’t. 

Know how to play until you show up 

you saw me having trouble and want to help 

me out, in your eyes I was similar as you that’s 

the reason he wants to lend a helping hand 

when I turn around, I couldn’t stop looking at 

you your handsome gorgeous appearance 

with a beautiful pure heart kindness of a

Gentleman. I couldn’t help myself there’s. 

Something inside you makes my heart 

beat heavily, it’s make my eyes look like 

heart shaped I didn’t know I was falling in love 

On September 20th 2019 was the karaoke night I was singing in front of crowds after. 

I had finish singing I sit next to you when he 

stand up walk over to Vietnamese girl 

she say to him I think Laura is so adorable 

what do you think?”, he say to her I agree

With you”.  During that night you had a crush on. 

Me I’m not completely hear what they’re 

saying, because their voices blend into the 

chaos, I had noticed your sign that you’re crushing on me 

at that moment we didn’t know each other 

That well. But we still normal friends steadily.

The day I was at home about to 

Clean myself up. 

We keep on talking about being boyfriend 

and girlfriend when I ask a question you reply 

“ We’re official boyfriend and girlfriend then”. 

From the moment forward we become two 

loving couples, at the moment I didn’t know

your family members very well days grow into 

Months grew past I first met your family members 

they’re so kind and generous person progressively

I feel comfortable want to get to know 

Then more I introduce myself to your family

Members. They introduce themselves to me.

Months grow by I invited one of them to 

eat, one of them invited me over to his house

it was a blast of excitement I went to your mother’s house I didn’t know what’s going on with me, 

when I see through the adorable little feline traumatized memory hit me hard, I didn’t mean to be rude or anything only the incident as a little girl give me fear.

 That’s how I first met you and your family members. 


  • Awwww,so sweet.

    May 13, 2020

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