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It was a morning. Birds were migrating. The sun  has rised.The day which was killing because of summer. It was the pandameic time.

People on the road were roaming here and there with money, to buy groceries and vegetables.Amidst all, there was a  lady standing with reddish eyes, to buy vegetables and groceries.

Though all bought the fresh vegetables with full bag,the lady was begging with the seller.
She requested the seller,"Please do something,brother"!
The seller saying"I can't do anymore, Get out from here now "!

Suddenly,a man came to the shop to get an eggs.He watched the lady's begging with the seller. There was a questions roaming allover his mind.

After the lady left the place,the man went near the shopkeeper asking "Why is that lady begging?What did she asked you?What happened to that girl?"

To all his questions there was an only one answer"POVERTY"!

The seller said ,The lady comes to his shop everyday, to buy vegetables.Not fresh vegetables,but a one-sided rotten vegetables for the cost 10.The man screamed and asked ,what?
Yes,she comes only with the 10 ruppees. She gets the vegetables that is damaged and half rotten. For that ten rupees."I would give her 2 tomato,3potatoes,and some groceries"..Everday,it was her routine.

But, unfortunately,today there is no rotten vegetables found.Thats why,she went out with  an empty hand.The man  who came to buy eggs started crying on hearing  all these.

He wished that,somehow he could help her. He thinks,If he directly helps ,the lady would not accept it.
So he gave rupees 500 to the shopkeeper and asked him to give all the groceries and vegetables the lady needed.Then the man left out the place.

 Life is not same for all..Some lives with happiness . Some lives with pain,poverty,
and even without food. So help the needy.

Just think about the labours,If she lost a job for a single day,this is her situation.
We all sitting inside, being happy and enjoying every moment.

Help to those in some situations!
Every single people can help every single people with poverty.
This was the real story that happened recently. This is the one what a man viewed...There are so many hidden situation!



  • May 13, 2020

  • May 13, 2020

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