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John 8 is about a woman who is living a lifestyle not up to par in the religious eyes and brought her to Jesus to test him, not her. They wanted him to condemn her for her sins, but he wouldn't fall for their test and instead said "Let the first person with no sin throw the first stone." No one could because all in some form or way had sinned in their own eyes. In the end no one condemned her and Jesus just told her to not repeat what it was they was judging her for again. The moral to this story is that we can not sit around and condemn others, when we ourselves have also done wrong in our lives. We should not throw stones and pretend we are better than the other when in reality, no one is better than anyone else. Just cause your rich with man's materialistic creations does not mean your better than me or that I'm better than you. We all have goals to reach, dreams to reach, and a life to live but in the end we all desire the same things. Love, Peace, and Hope that one day all the suffering in our world will end.


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