Hurt Me Very Hard Read Count : 24

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 I thought you’re my friend 

stabbed behind my back 

you destroy me completely,

a thousand pieces of my heart shattered 

you break me into pieces 

push me into the pavement ground.

Why you had to do this to me? 

Nobody knew about my teenager adolescence 

the action begins to explode 

I wish you are like Gaston in Beauty and the Beast, 

your characteristics of a gentleman 

sweet caring personality you never 

knew about the chemistry of love. 

How could you blame everything on me? 

I had enough of you my head is spinning 

around I feel like to scream in front of your face

I’m like moaning myrtle in Harry Potter, 

I’m sensitive to everything that affects me 

I’m tired of this nuisance my eyes turning 

red my hair is on fire. 

Could you just stop? 

You hurt me very hard 

I’m in pain for many years 

right now I’m better, 

I currently have a boyfriend 

I’m in a relationship 

if you want me back. 

Could you just go away? 

I would use one of Taylor Swift song 

right at you 

kneel on your knees begging me 

to come back to you, I would 

use one of One Direction song, 

let you know I’m taken 

you’re like one the member who is not in one direction who is in a solo career.

Break my heart into little pieces. 

How Could you had hurt me in the first place? 

My old self underneath the grave 

I’m a brand-new person 

I have everything I desire 

I have my own family members who love me, 

I’m in a relationship with my first boyfriend 

he is better than you my lover always 

love me who I am he has changed who I am today I always love him forever and always until he and I get married to each other. 


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