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This is a story of a greed and pain,
Of how a human can be heartless,
Dont label me judgemental,
I am just telling a story,
So call me a storyteller if you will,
This is the diary of the holy hypocrite,
I will call him THE MAN in this story.

On Monday THE MAN has a very important meeting to attend,
People of class to meet,
A business deal to complete that day,
As the deal is being finalized in that meeting,
A widow somewhere has lost her land without her knowing,
Development comes with sacrifices,
That is his motto.

His office has just received money from international donors,
"Help the orphans,"they said,
"They have God to help them,"THE MAN says,
And that is how he helps himself to the orphans fund,
As a poor child sleeps hungry somewhere,
The Tuesday night of THE MAN's house is filled with celebration,
Drinks and food are served in plenty.

Someone cries out in pain in a dark hut,
Blood streams out of his face,
"He knows too much,"THE MAN says,
He might ruin my tomorrow,he has to go,
With just a single bullet,
An innocent man is taken by death to abyss,
What does THE MAN say about the dead man,
He was being nosy and his business he could not mind,
That Wednesday,blood has been shed,
A perfect sacrifice made.

"Honey,I am going shopping what do you what,"
I want Italian designer clothes and a Victorian handbag too,
And dont forget the diamond necklace too,it will match my black regal dress,
I dont where cheap,African clothes,THE MAN'S wife says,
While his people lack clothes to wear,
THE man goes to Italy to do his 'little shopping'
"I have an expensive taste to maintain,"he says.

Its Friday and so the boys he must meet,
As they refresh in the bar with expensive drinks,
I hear them speak of a prime land to be sold,
But the only problem is that the land has dwellers,poor dwellers,
Send in the bulldozers,THE MAN says,
Selling this land is a lifetime deal,
Those on our way must be removed,
That night,I see people shivering in the cold with nowhere to go.

THE MAN is a family man,
He has to spend time with them,
Family is important to him,
And he has killed for his family,
Stole and destroyed others for his family,
What a man he is,
That is why Saturday is family day.

Sunday is the day of worship,
He rises early to be at his Father's house,
He sings with such a melodious voice,
THE MAN is such a 'devoted christian'
God is good,he says
His blessing overtake me each time.
That day THE MAN has nothing but praises for his God.

If I say anything bad about THE MAN,
I will be labelled judgemental,
I might even become history,
God cant be mocked and He is the Sovereign Judge,
I will leave the judging to him,
As I keep my lips shut.


  • Jun 03, 2020

  • Outstanding work! Love this💜

    Jun 03, 2020

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