Who Made Me Love You Read Count : 23

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Who made me love you
When you weren't going to love? 
Who made me listen to you
When you told me only bad words?

Who made me trust you
When you didn't believe what you were saying?
  I look in the mirror now,
But I'm not anymore who I used to be.

I started burning when you were already off,
I was water, you were dessert. 
The drops of tears in which I sometimes bathe.

Who made me make plans with you
When you already had plans with someone else?
  Who made me love you
When you only were playing with my head?

I only asked for a drop of love,
But you had nothing to give me,
Leaving my soul dry,
That's why you were around me.


  • Jun 03, 2020

  • Jun 03, 2020

  • Jun 03, 2020

  • Titas Sengupta

    Titas Sengupta


    Jun 03, 2020

  • Jun 05, 2020

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