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   There is no honor in attacking those citizens you see before you. The people you see before you are Americans, who are standing up for their beliefs courageous without lifting a hand against you a majority of time. Yet, we continually see peaceful protesters, elderly people, and yes even important personnel like medical workers being assaulted. Is this the country that you want to stand for? Is this the country that you fought for? Have you forgotten your vows to protect the people of this country? To protect its Constitution and the very beliefs which this country was founded? I am asking you these questions with the highest regard. However, it seems as the situation becomes more embroiled other innocent people will be harmed. I am not just talking about civilians either, but military personnel, police  medical workers, and yes even our children are no longer safe.
   You know I only have the legal right to refuse any unlawful order given from bar or Donald Trump oh, but you have a moral obligation as well. I want you to think back to the thousands of times, care packages donated from the people of the United States came to you in a time of need. How many thousands of dollars have we spent, helping you push your military personnel you're military personnel through schools and special training? This is America, and we have the freedom to protest peacefully. We chose to help the Army, because they were protecting us and sacrificing for us. Are we just pawns to you? Is this what the kindness of civilians has brought to you?
   I am troubled, because it's like waking up from a nightmare which is still going on. Innocent people being beaten on the streets, threatening elderly people, even targeting children. I know that not all of your personnel are responsible for these attacks, but some of them are responsible. It doesn't matter what branch of the military you are, you have to strengthen the determination to face against these injustices. These people fighting for their rights are Americans, the only difference is nothing. We have taken charge to fight for their rights, because we care about their lives. Just like many of us pray for the military everyday.
   I believe you know I'm right, and I believe you know you can stop this by standing up. It only takes one person to say the words know and to encourage others to take that stand. Is your position in the army that important, that you would risk the entirety of the country? You have seen the marches, and they will continue to grow and fester. More civil unrest will come, because you are attacking innocent people. With each decent person injured, three more will come against you. This is not what we want, but this is the way it has to be. Because if this injustice has not stopped, it will turn into wreathing hatred that will turn to flames and destruction. Property, is not worth protecting if you're taking innocent lives to do it. I know that the military has blood on their hands, and you're human to make wrong choices. But you have an opportunity to change the course of America's fate, everyone's fate as this continues on.
   Look deep within your heart, do you believe in me? I am an American citizen, born from great great grandparents who migrated here in the early eighteen hundreds. My grandparents are disgusted it by the situation they hear about. I am disgusted by what I'm hearing about. Know that you have the power to change things. All it takes is one single strong voice to carry others. Do not stand against American citizens, because there will be no victory. There will only be destruction and death leftover in the aftermath. Please know, like you I have a very special position. I am here, because I care about what happens to our country. Are you willing to prove how to prove how much you care by laying down your arms and standing up with the protesters? The loss of these lives, will end up costing America more then a few damaged buildings. Will you stand with the "True America"? We can change our fate together, or seal it by being divided. 


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