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My name is JJ and I'm 13 yrs old. I'm writing a personal essay about honesty and how important it is to tell the truth no matter what. Have you ever been afraid to tell your parents or another family member about something you did because you would get in a lot of trouble? 

Last winter I opened an Instagram account without asking for permission. All my school friends had one and told me I should get one also and that's just what I did. A week later I was on my phone chatting with a friend and my dad walked up on me and asked what I was doing. Right then and there I closed the page and shoved it into my pocket. That's when he made me hand over the phone and so I did.  When he asked what I was doing on Instagram I lied and told him that I wasn't and right there I was busted. After that I was grounded and lost all my electronics for 2 weeks. Was it worth it ? Not really 

Once I was finished serving my time I realized that it would have been much easier to tell the truth. It was a mistake I made and learned a big lesson. In the end I still had my Instagram account and didn't have to lie about it. Lesson learned 


  • Jun 02, 2020

  • Jun 02, 2020

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