REVENGE OF THE DARK KNIGHT (BOOK#1,Chapter#8) Read Count : 19

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Sub Category : Fantasy
After this Balvin allways kept an eye on Hatred and his magicians. After 100 days time have been came. All the thunders and lavens came to Knightarea for their king and queen. But Hatrex was not happy he saw a picture which was hidden by him self. After 5 minutes he decided to made one more try to got permission for his deadly plan. On the other hand Helorrx preparing him self for this big day. He was cleaning his wepon and then someone knocking at his door. Helorrx alow him to entered. It was Hatrex. He entered into the King's room and sat on his bed with king. Hatrex said "My lord I know you love your people like a family but we all need you if some lives get sacrifice and our Zakandlas get save so this is a good deal. And if you don't come back then who will be our king" Helorrx smiled and said "Okay you are saying that i approved your plan and repeat my 20 years old mistake again just because of your fake information i do blind trust on you and do a horrible work and you will never be the king of Zakandlas. Let
Now you can go. Hatrex stood up and walked out from the room with anger. But Helorrx felt so bad for Hatrex because he was like brother for Helorrx. Then Electra came into the room and saw her her husband in tention. She hugged him and said "You doesn't do anything wrong now we just focus on our responsibility okay?" Then a strange light came from the sky and fell towards the magical tree. Helorrx and Electra quickly sat in their car and reached at the magical tree. They both saw a massage written on the tree in golden. After this They both reached at the place from where they were took off. They both converted their selfs into hero mode. All people were their even Hatrex and his magicians but Balvin wasn't present there. Electra notice this and said "Where is Balvin?  I haven't seen him for 2 days! It is a big day for Zakandlas so why he not come her?" Then Helorrx replied "I am sure he will have a solid reson but for now we have to go" Then Helorrx flew in the sky with a great speed and started pushing back the astroied. And Electra flew with her lightning strom and made a huge force field around Zakandlas. But what happens with Balvin. After this Hatrex though something dangerous



  • Amel Eskander

    Amel Eskander


    Jun 05, 2020

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